Thursday, September 15, 2016

Delicious Rainbows

Me: JJ?  You up?
J: Stop talking! Stop saying a bad word!

Talking about video games ~
J: You just sell a gun.
Me: Mama doesn't like guns.  I don't want to talk about them.
J: I know!  I will not shoot you!

J: How many sleeps until I eat rainbows?
I'm not really sure how to respond to that?

Mom said no chips for breakfast
Fish face!
(9/6) Work day for Dad, and I'm on vacation. I woke up to a text from C with a picture of his breakfast.  We had a difficult morning yesterday because I told him he must eat breakfast before screens, and didn't allow him to eat ice cream because I'm mean like that.  He fixed eggs for everyone to go along with his already prepped toast.  Love that kid!  C convinced me to drag out my old Nintendo 64 after breakfast. We had a great time playing MarioKart & Dr. Mario again.  Aw, memories!  We went to meet C's teacher this afternoon and drop off school supplies.  He'll be in a split this year.  I liked his teacher very much, and I hope he has a great year!

(9/7) Fourth grade starts today!  The twins and I walked C to school this morning, and then hit Zumba.  Nanan came over mid-afternoon and hung out with us. Dad grilled up a fantastic dinner to share with her, and then we had movie night.  Dad picked the new Jungle Book, which was fantastic!  The littles were a little young for it, and ended up going to bed shortly after it started.

(9/8) Dad walked C to school this morning, and then headed out to run the vehicles in for oil changes. The twinsies and I hit Sbux and then we went to the zip-line park. When we were done there, we picked up Dad, and he treated us to lunch at Billie On Burgers.  YUM!   Dad took J and C for haircuts this afternoon, and D had a meltdown because he wanted one too.  His hair is still super short, and I have put the kibosh on hair buzzing til after school pictures!  Sarah and I caught a walk this evening after the boys went down.  We walked to ice cream, because that's what happens when Sbux is closed. Om nom!

Mom said no snacks at 9am.
Mom said it was bedtime, and he's not tired.
(9/9) I'm still on vacation, so this morning I walked C to school, then grabbed the little boys and took them to Zumba with me. Dad, also off, started the hunt for a new dishwasher since it was making a horrible screeching sound this morning.  After that fun, he picked up C from school to go skate shopping, since his have gotten so tight that they're a fight for even US to get on.

(9/10)  I hit the gym by myself this morning, while all the boys stayed home and played video games.  Dad ran a bunch of errands after I got home, and we had a lazyish afternoon. C had tryouts this evening, so Dad took him to that, and I had the twinsies. They chose the "Pancake House!!!" for dinner tonight, and then we went to the park to burn off some of that sugar. After baths, D did battle with the doorknob and lost, launching him into major theatrics about NOT being tired, and needing a band-aid for a shoulder bonk... Yeah, about that not being tired bit?  He was out in like 2 minutes.

(9/11) C had tryouts this morning, so I took him and his brothers to the arena.  C was not at all excited about playing today, and even turned down a donut run in favor of coming home for screen time.  He is not my child! His friend called and invited him on a bike ride to McD's later, and he was all in for that though.  It worked out well ~ the twinsies and I went to the Lighthouse Festival with Grandma & Granddad, which was more geared for their ages.  The grands spoiled us with lunch, rides, and animal pets. When we all got home tonight, we prepped some snacks and had the gaming group over for a fun evening.

(9/12) Work day for Dad and me, school for C, and the twinsies were with Amanda.  C had hockey tryouts again tonight.  He'll be on the Badgers again this season!  Woot woot!  I picked up the twins from the arena, and brought them home for some video game time before bed.

(9/13) Work day for Dad and me, school for C, and the twins got to go with Amanda to the park.  I had book club with my work ladies tonight, and it was lovely sitting outside and enjoying some vino in the sun.

(9/14) Day off for me, work for Dad, and school for all the boys today!  We had our first day back at preschool today. But first we stopped at Grandma's to return her wheelbarrow, and she invited us in for blueberries and whipped cream.  YUM!  Preschool was lots of fun - the boys jumped right in where we left off last year.  I'm really pleased with the growth of all my little men.  C has made some huge leaps in independence, and it's a very cool thing to watch.

(9/15) Work day for me, and Dad has the boys.  First day of preschool for Dad and the boys together.  I'm sure they'll show him how it's done.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Blitz

D: I want breakfast burritos with eggs, flashbrowns, and no meat!
Me: Done!

J: I just need short pants!  (aka shorts)

J: I want the upgraded glass!  (meaning he wants a tall glass)

D: This one is all aired-ed out.  (deflated)

D: Are you gonna steering wheel the car?

C: Adult Swim isn't really inappropriate, it's just stuff kids aren't interested in.
Me: That's because it's inappropriate for kids.

D: I am still hungry. My tummy wants something like.....potatoes.

Me: Today is a good day for you to make money.
C: How?
Me: I dunno. That's what your zodiac says.

C: Root beer is made from the roots of Angry Orchards!

J: We got beer ice cream!  (root beer floats, lol)

D: If guys drink hot chocolate, then it gets warm out. If guys drink water, then it just gets too chilly.

Eating Lucky Charms...
J: I eat all the bad ones, and all the color ones too.

Waking J...
J: Just 5 more seconds!

J completely circled the pool by holding onto the edge
J: I'm America's Ninja Warrior!

(8/22) Work day for Dad & me today, and the boys were with Amanda and got to go to the beach.  I went out and cleaned up the landscaping at the old house tonight after work.  I think the boys got the way better end of the day!

(8/23) Work day for Dad & me today, and the boys were with Amanda.  I went over to work on the old house again tonight.  Three garbage cans full of ivy, and I am finally done. Still don't miss taking care of that landscaping.  Inspection Thursday... cross fingers!

(8/24) Work day for Dad, and the boys and I hit the gym for Zumba, grabbed subs, and then headed to Flowing Lake with Sarah and her boys today.  The temp was perfect to take our chairs out and park them in the middle of the swimming area to chat while all the children swam & played.  C spent the night over at Jor's tonight, so once the twins finally went down, it was pretty quiet.

(8/25) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys. The twins and Dad helped a friend shop for a car in the morning, and C was returned in the afternoon.  I met all the boys at Sushi Spott for dinner tonight, and it really did hit the spot!

(8/26) Work from home day for me, and Dad had the boys.  I got off a little early today so we all could attend the adoption party for the sisters of our teenager.  Just thrilled for their family!  We brought the teenager up too ~ always so great to see her! She starts school next week, as well as turns 15.  Gulp! Not sure how that happened.

(8/27) C had hockey tryouts this morning, so went with Dad to those, and then over to Dad's fantasy football draft.  I took the twinsies to the gym, and then to the park.  It was cold out, so we stopped for some hot chocolate on the way. After lunch, I picked up C for the second round of tryouts. They ended up starting 30 minutes later than the email said... and C was just in no mood to play this afternoon.  He said he hates hockey, and ended up sitting on the bench for most of the session.  I did make him go through exit interviews, because consequences, and then we came home. The whole process took *forever* and I was beginning to question my sanity by the end...  We got home, the littles had dinner and were put to bed, and I clocked off for the evening.

(8/28) The boys and I headed up to Nanan's to pull up the carpet to get her house ready for new flooring. We met Uncle Jake there, and then went back to his house to have some play/chat time.  So nice to get together with them ~ we don't see each other often enough!  We met Dad back at the house and he had dinner ready for us as we walked in the door.

(8/29) Work day for Dad and me, and the kids were with Amanda.  D rediscovered his "TiVo" today (aka Leapfrog pen for reading).  He sat contentedly on the couch while the other two boys engaged in WWE smack-down, living room style.

(8/30) Work day for Dad and me, and the kids were with Amanda. Dad made tacos tonight, and the boys inhaled.  The twins treated me to a rendition of "It's raining tacos." They now know all the words.

(8/31) Granddad and Grandma took us to the aquarium today.  It was a typical drizzly Seattle day, so an indoor activity was perfect!  The boys had a blast - we kind of zoomed through the first time, stopped for a delicious lunch of fish n chips (though I admit, it felt weird to be eating fish there!), and then went back through for a closer look.  Tonight I went to orientation for the twins' pre-k.  It's gettin' real!

(9/1) This morning I worked at the preschool and helped get it all set up.  It's really coming together and starting to look like a preschool!  (The location has changed, so this is a brand new spot for all of us)  We are on our way to Lake Chelan today, and since we couldn't be there until 6pm to check-in, we stopped at the fair.  The boys all won swords in a fishing game.  J and C did bumper cars with me, and D wasn't quite tall enough.  :(  We went through the fun house though afterward, and he loved that!  J insisted on doing the roller coaster at the end, and we had enough for just one more ride... so I took him on it.  Dad said he looked bored from down below.  Once we had consumed all the traditional fair foods, we headed out for Chelan.  We stopped in Wenatchee for dinner at Sonic, and sugared up C til he was practically buzzing.  We got in about time for the twins to go to bed, and they had a hard time going to sleep, but eventually did.

(9/2) It's chilly, but gorgeous here in Chelan today!  I took D out to the playground while the boys played their video games. It started to cloud over this afternoon, so we checked out the indoor pool and hot tub.  After swim, we went into town and had ice cream at the Lake View Hotel (which was one of Gordon Ramsey's re-dos).  So cool!  Then we grabbed a couple movies and movie night treats for tonight.

(9/3) Beautiful morning today!  I took the boys out to the playground and a round of mini golf.  When we got back to the condo, we had lunch, and then headed up to the outdoor pool.  C immediately found a local friend ~ he has a knack for that.  Dad headed home after swimming with us for a while, since he has to work tomorrow.  Womp, womp.  After we were all pruney (or as D says "crooney"), I took us back for a run into town.  We picked up another movie, some popcorn, and root beer float fixins. After dinner, and the movie, I sent the boys all outside with their swords to battle each other, and get out of my hair for a bit.  They ended up in the lake for a sunset swim.

(9/4) Today we hit Slidewaters.  The boys had a blast!  D rode down the first water slide on my lap and then was good to go.  He did all the beginner/intermediate slides by himself, and raced C a few times.  C was all over the park.  He did the big slides, tube rides, and would come back and hang with us in the lazy river.  J was insistent that he was not going to ride water slides, and only wanted to hang in the kid area. After we had lunch, I scooped up a screaming J and took him down one of the beginner slides.  We got to the bottom and he was ready go again. And again. And again!  His favorite was one of the intermediate slides, White Waters.  I lost count of how many times we went down.  At about 3pm, I hauled them out of the water, so we could head toward home. It was a very fun vacay!

(9/5) Happy Labor Day!  We're appreciating the typical cloudy weather back home on the west side of the mountains.  We've been so busy lately, a down day sounds fab.