Friday, May 27, 2016


D is not impressed with mom shenanigans
Toddler questionnaire:
What's your name? Denton.
How old are you? Four!
When is your birthday ? It's at a day but it's on Saturday. (It's actually on a Tuesday this year.)
How old is Daddy? Four?
How old is Mommy? Five!
What's your favorite color? Bandwagon pink.
What's your favorite food? Potatoes!
Who's your best friend? Meh. Not you.
What's your favorite show? The paintings. (Baby Einstein... he's way too old for it but still loves it.)
What's your favorite movie? The Legos on the XBOX.
What's your favorite song? (Something about the TV at the gym)
What's your favorite animal? Big giraffes!
What are you scared of? Lions.
What makes you happy? Nothing.

Toddler questionnaire:
What's your name? Jensen.
How old are you? Four.
When is your birthday ? Four?
How old is Daddy? Seventeen!
How old is Mommy? Seventeen!
What's your favorite color? All the ones.
What's your favorite food? All of them.
Who's your best friend? Uhm, my other friend, he's called old. And somebody's just like mine. I like two Jensens.
What's your favorite show? Old.
What's your favorite movie? Old.
What's your favorite song? Uhm, old.
What's your favorite animal? Uhm, giraffe is my favorite.
What are you scared of? Uhm, nothing.
What makes you happy? Uhm, when giraffes are happy!

J: D, on the beach Minecraft, there's gonna be lots of Creepers!

J: I need something to eat, like a circle.

Watching the NHL game ~
J: Daddy! The Energy have two!
(It's 2-0 Tampa Bay, and there's a lightning bolt symbol next to the 2... so he's very correct)

D: I'M AN EPIC BATTLE!!! J-j, you need to say "EPIC BATTLE!!!"

Deejay Deedles!
(5/21) Busy day today.  I took the twins to the retirement party for their teachers. C had Marilyn for preschool as well. The littles had a wonderful year and have come such a long way. It poured for setup of the party, but by the time I brought the twins, it had cleared. They boys ate a ton, got balloon light sabers, and then we played at the park.  Dad took C to a birthday party at Traxxs (indoor raceway).  He had an absolute blast! After those two events, Dad dropped C with me and went to a friend's housewarming/bday celebration. So yeah, not so much with the packing today.

(5/22) Work day for Dad today and I had the boys. They played video games while I got some work done, and then I kicked us all outside to work out there.  We're getting there on the house... slowly.

(5/23) Work day for Dad & me.  The littles got to go to the play gym with Amanda today.  D was most unimpressed with me not letting him wear boots and promptly threw me under the bus. Whatever, D!  They had hockey this evening, and I got a couple hours of quiet before they came home.

(5/24) "Work" day for me and Dad.  I say "work" because we had a staff outing, which was visiting four local wineries.  Best day ever! We had a great time, and finished up with dinner at Azteca. I will have been with my company for 16 years this coming August.  All of us long-timers got celebrated today too.

Doing tech support after 4 wineries ;)
Today's itinerary!
(5/25) Day off for me, and no school for the littles, which meant we finally got to go to a Weds morning Zumba class!  Woo!  We went to the preschool this afternoon for a shift taking it down for the year, and De-saster struck again.  D climbed the little mountain in the sibling room and fell off, so now he has a goose egg to go with his shiner.  I think he is growing because little man is ever so clumsy right now!  We came home for Popsicles, because their teacher said they're the cure-all.  Seems to have worked too :)

J's hands
(5/26) Work day for me, and Dad had the kiddos. DeForest came over and helped with some small projects to help get our house ready for sale.  Really appreciate it, D!  Dad met me at the gym with the littles after work so I could go Zumba, and then he took C to hockey.  C took a stick to the gut, so they cut out of practice early and then went shopping.  Cuz retail therapy!

(5/27) Work at home day for me & Dad has the kiddos.  Looking forward to a fun extended weekend!

Lazy day ~ D has the remote on his head :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Somebody & Nobody

D: Somebody colored on JJ!
Me: I wonder who that somebody was....?
J: Nobody! It was nobody, Mom!

J: Goodbye!  See you in the later!

D: Oh no!  He's making me get another black eye!
Poor bubba has quite the shiner after tripping and colliding with the toilet :(

Me: Who's home today? Is Mama home?
J: Stop talking me.  Just a second.
J: Nobody's home, Mom.

J: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM!
Me: Stop calling my name; it's frustrating when you call it so many times!
J: I just called it one time.

(5/10) Work day for Dad & me, and school for the boys. Everyone was super tired and punchy today.  Gonna be a great day. Huzzah!

(5/11) Work day for Dad and I had the boys.  We had a nice day at preschool, and when I got home, I ended up painting all of our nails and toes.  It's quite the production, but the boys are so serious about it!

(5/12) Ugh with extra ugh sauce.  We got a really high estimate to paint our house, but it's so tall, and our timeline so tight that we'll probably end up doing it.  But UGH! The twinsies were hellions for Dad today.  Dad was feeling under the weather too, which didn't help.  I ended up taking C to hockey tonight so Dad could rest.  It's nice getting to see my big guy play every now and then!

(5/13) Work from home day for me.  It was supposed to be book club night, but that ended up getting cancelled. Everyone's just so busy this time of year.

(5/14) Today's project was tackling C's room.  I gutted it.  He's down to clothes that fit and zero toys.  We should be able to pretty much dump his clothes in a box and be done packing his room. Woot!  Dad pared down the kitchen and made a dump run today.  Also, in the middle of all that, we managed to find a buyer for our 90gal aquarium.  So I emptied that, and sent it on its way.  D was horribly upset.. but we did keep a couple of the smaller tanks, so maybe he can have a betta in the future or something.  But for right now, less is more!  We went out for sushi because we were too beat to cook after all that.  I think we ordered like 8 rolls, plus yakisoba, & calamari, and polished it off between the five of us.  J personally whacked almost an entire Rainbow Roll by himself.  And then the boys asked for snacks after we got home.  I'm not kidding.

(5/15) Work day for Dad and I was home with the boys.  I got all boy clothes washed, sorted and put away.  Also did the twinsies' room and purged the top two floors of Legos.  ZOMG we have so many Legos...

Parent gift from the boys' teacher ~ So cute!
(5/16) Work day for Dad & me and school for the boys. Normally the boys have hockey after school, but D's eye was so swollen that Dad kept them home.  D carried around an ice pack all day, and kept asking us to take the black eye off.  Would if I could, kiddo!  Dad went to fetch a water heater this evening that a that a co-worker was getting rid of, since the new house's is shot.

(5/17) Work day for Dad & me, and school for the boys.  I got home late tonight, though I still got to go up and gripe at the twins to go the bleep to bed a half dozen times. I love you, dear children, but nice mom clocks off after 8pm.

(5/18) Last day of preschool for the littles today.  They had a luau in class today.  They did crafts, made volcanoes erupt (their fave!), played outside, and then came inside to fruit kabobs.  We went out for celebratory donuts after and had a quiet afternoon in.  The twins were none too impressed that they lost their screen time the night before, since they were up and playing with Nerf guns well past 9pm.  I reminded them again at bedtime that they might actually want to stay in bed tonight.

(5/19) Work day for me, and Dad has the kiddos.  I helped set-up for the preschool's graduation tonight, and then had an event right after.  Dad had the boys at C's hockey practice until late too.  Long day for us all.

(5/20) Work from home day for me, and Dad has the kiddos. Busy weekend on deck, with hopefully lots of packing in between all our commitments!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Pickle Sprinkles

Me: Good morning!
D: I just don't need to burn my eyes, Mom.

J: Stop talking me!!

On sprinkles....
D: The orange one tastes like Cheeto.
Me: How 'bout the red?
D: The red one tastes like spicy.
Me: How 'bout the purple?
D: It just tastes like sprinkle.
Me: What about the green one?
D: It tastes like pickle.
Me: Yuuuum. And what about the blue one?
D: It just tastes like sprinkle too.

Dad: D, did you give J that cheese?
D: Yes.
Dad: J-j, did you say thank you?
*a moment of silence*
D: J-j, say thank you me!

Me: You can watch some TV...
J: Or play. Don't screw around, only play with toys.

J: Mom, you have to hectorcize zombies!
Me: Hypnotize?
J: No, hectorcize.
Me: Exorcize?

Me: What do you want on your burger?
J: Ketchup!
Me: Do you want bacon?
J: Yes!  
Me: Pickles?
J: Yes!
Me: Cheese?
J: Yes! 
Give him the burger.... and ~
Twins ate the bun and all the toppings, but not the burger patty itself.  LOL

D to Amanda: I will miss you at preschool.
J: Not me!  I won't miss anybody!
Gee thanks, J.

(5/3) Work and school day.  Dad met me at the gym with the littles after work, and took C to Science Night at his school.  C really got into bingo and a couple of the other games.  Goofy guy. They stopped for ice cream on the way home and brought some back for me.  <3

(5/4) May the 4th be with you!  J's Special Day was today, and it was also their Cinco de Mayo celebration at school.  J picked out patriotic cookies (wrong colors for the holiday...but whatevs) and fruit, and their school had chips, quesadilla, and a piƱata.  The kids had a ball!  Nanan came over this afternoon to visit and D excitedly showed her all the paint samples for the new house.  Dad took us all out to dinner at IHOP where the boys ordered cupcake-batter pancakes.  Hence the sprinkle discussion above.

(5/5) Cinco de Mayo!  Work had a fun celebration which included sombreros, margaritas, and Mexican history. Dad ran out and got more margarita fixins after C got home from hockey, and we ordered taco pizza because hello? taco + pizza!

(5/6) I worked from home today, and Dad had the boys.  He went up and grabbed the teenager this evening and got caught up in the zoo that is northbound traffic.  Good grief.  He made us fancy burgers with bacon and all the fixings.  The bacon mysteriously kept disappearing every time I left the kitchen.  C had no idea how that was happening, LOL.

(5/7) We had the best day today!  We headed out to Meadowdale Park and hiked Lund's Gulch down to the beach.  It was a beautiful hike, and it was so awesome to have all the kiddos along.  The teenager even watched the kiddos tonight so Dad and I could go out to dinner when we got home. We hit Red Lobster for their shrimp trio goodness.  We were going to go to a movie too, but the showtimes were all so late, so we opted for renting one instead (Spectre ~ Bond, James Bond).  We kept Mother's Day low key, but Dad did spoil me with a necklace.  Thank you, sweetie!

(5/8) Lazy Sunday.  It was gray and drizzly, and I let the kids play video games until it was time to venture out for lunch.  We hit the grocery store and I let the kiddos choose what they wanted. We then went back to enjoy and hung out until it was time to return the teenager.  Then the boys and I went up to drop off flowers for Nanan and hit the park while we were up there.  It was gorgeous by the time we hit the Island, so it was perfect for it.  We got home in time for a quick dinner and baths before bed.  

Tradition to bring circus cookies
along hiking on Mother's Day!
(5/9) Happy Monday!  Work, school, and hockey on the docket today.

C is up on top of the bell!
C: Boys, I beast-mode!