Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reunited and It Feels so Good!

D: When I'm 8, I'm gonna be C.
J: C is gonna be 9!
Me: Yeah, that's right, C is 9 now.
J: Yeah, C's a creeper.
From Minecraft, but hahaha!

Me: You are full of bananas today.
D: If somebody is full of bananas in their tummy... 
J: Then they're nervous! 
D: I'm not nervous!

Me: You're pretty full of bananas.
D: I didn't even eat any bananas today!
Me: There's one right here, and right here, and right here...
D: That one is a pear! 

Me: What should we have for dinner tonight?
J: Ice cream!

D: I just like mint, not mint ice cream.
Says the boy that inhaled his ice cream.... 

Me: Did you guys have fun at the zoo?
D: I liked the zoo, but I didn't have any fun.

Me: Uh oh, I think this milk is done. 
D: We just have a quarter tank left!

D: My hair is getting too big.
LOL, hardly!

D: We need more yogurt so I can have the licker!
(he likes to lick the lid)

Nanan: Use your quiet voice.
D: My quiet voice is just gone.  I only have a loud voice.

(7/11) Happy Slurpee Day!  I totally would have forgotten had someone not mentioned it at the park.  They had two flavors remaining by the time we got there: sour red, and something orange.  I mixed the boys', and got straight sour red for me.  Wheeeeewie!  I bought the boys sand for their sandbox this morning and pared down their toys so they can actually get in and play.  They had a blast!  And it kept them occupied while I weeded.

(7/12) Today I continued working on cleaning up our back yard while the littles played.  We ran some coffee over to Sarah's mid-morningish, and she made us lunch.  We spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing in the sunshine.

(7/13) We woke up, and D immediately wanted to go play outside in the sandbox.  Goofy dude!  I let the kiddos play for a bit before rounding them up so we could head to the gym. Nanan came to see the boys this afternoon, and we sat out back enjoying the sunshine.

(7/14) Sarah and I met at the gym, and it was so stuffy inside that we nixed that idea, and walked the kids to the park instead.  It was like herding cats to get them all there, and it took *forever*, but it was much more pleasant to be outside.  Once we got back, we met Dad's aunt and uncle that were in town visiting and took them to one of our favorite sushi restaurant.  The boys were so good (well, for twinadoes!), and it was lovely to sit and visit.  I think the last time I saw them was when I was when I was pregnant with my now almost five-year-olds!  Meanwhile, in Minnesota, Dad went on a brewery tour.

(7/15) We had a blast today!  We started the morning at the gym, then packed a picnic lunch, and met the grands at the zoo.  The zoo was set to close early today, so I didn't know if we should bother.  I let the boys play at the playground until the grands arrived, and then we had had lunch.  We decided to do it anyway, and it turns out that two hours with two 5 year olds was about the perfect amount of time.  We capped off a fun afternoon with Slurpees, and then played until it was time to go to dinner at Aunt Shannon & Uncle Mike's house.  They have a beautiful new home, and it was so lovely to see it, and enjoy some time with them & the grandparents :)

(7/16) We hit the gym this morning, and then bummed around the house for a few hours before packing up to head to the Aquatic Center for open swim.  I endeavored to install some straps on our water tank at the old house tonight, got frustrated, so took us all out for teriyaki instead.  In Minnesota, Dad picked up C from hockey camp.  They did a scrimmage for the parents, and got to skate onto the ice and have their names called out over the loud speaker.  So cool!

(7/17)  We had a quiet morning at home today.  The littles played while I had my coffee on the back deck, and threw the ball for our pupper.  We then met Granddad at the old Treehouse to install the straps that were giving me fits yesterday.  Granddad took us out for ice cream, since it was apparently National Ice Cream Day. So we had ice cream in place of lunch today.  Cuz quality parenting up in here!  After "lunch" we ran some errands and then got the little pool out to play out back.  Sarah called and said they caught a bunch of crab, and asked if we could come help eat it. We wandered over there for dinner, and the kids were so distracted by the campfire that we didn't make much of a dent in the crab... but it sure was delicious!  Thanks again for the invite!  C & Dad got to check out the Mall of America today.  Looks like EVERYTHING IS AWESOME ;)

(7/18) Last day home with the littles.  It was yucky out, so we stayed in and watched LeapFrog for most of the day after we got home from the gym. D got all excited that it was sunny out, at a break in the rain, and ran outside to play.  Goofy boy.  I promised them ice cream tonight, so we hit McD's on the way out for sundaes.  The first one's ice cream machine was broken, so we went to the next one, where D complained his ice cream wasn't mint flavored.  And then he said he didn't feel well. And then we pulled over halfway to the airport because he wasn't lying.  Poor, poor monkey.  I picked up Dad and C, and we drove home with the windows open.  So glad to have them back... but what a welcome.

(7/19) Oof.  Coming in to work at 6am after a whole bunch of days off was rough.  Boys are with Amanda, and Dad is also working today.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jet Setting & Staycationing

D: This song makes me doomed!
J: You need to be doomed, D.

D: When you're dead, you don't need coffee, Mom!

Me: I can only take one guy down the water slide at a time.
J: How 'bout just me, Mom!

D: I didn't get enough fun! *sobs*
J: Life is hard, D.

Me: So what shall we do when it's just me, you, and D?
J: We need to get some fun! We just need to wait by the door, Mom.

C: Soooo, D?  How do you like your cake by the ocean?
(Which we were literally having)

J: This Gatorade is getting pumped up my nose! 
(Complaining about the bumpy terrain)

C: Gotta make sure I stay as healthy as possible! (see sandwich below)

Me: When we get to Teo's house. 
Me: When did I say we could have it? 
J: When we get home!

D: C just calls it the hotel house. I call it the colorful house!  
J: It's the telephone house!  

D: Is that the Snomotion?  
Me: Huh?  Oh, close, the Snohomish River.

(7/1) Work from home day for me, and Dad had the boys. They went to the park to visit with some friends that were in town, and had a good time. We were loosed from work early today, so I made the long commute downstairs. It's brutal, I tell you!

(7/2) We scouted a few campsites today, and checked out some sites along the Teanaway River. It was a loooong drive, but we found a pretty place to stop and have lunch!  

(7/3) Om nom nom, Dad made the first batch of Dutch Babies in the new house.  After he left for work, the boys and I headed up to Nanan's to do some work of a different flavor.  Well, I worked, while they played in the pools in the back yard.  We had some delicious cake for an early birthday for C, and then capped off a day of healthy eating with a stop at "the Donald's" on the way home.

(7/4) Happy Independence Day!  We did pop-its with Dad before he had to leave for work.  C was supremely disappointed last night that his dad was working today.  I asked him to look outside right around 8pm and see just how bright it still was out.  I said he wouldn't miss much, if anything.  We went over to some friends' house for dinner and we had the best time lighting off fireworks.  The littles did sparklers, and were so envious that C got to light stuff by himself.  Our neighborhood didn't finish blowing itself up until well past 1am.  Poor Moose is not a fan.

(7/5) Work day for Dad & me.  I went in an hour early, so I could retrieve the boys early today.  I hauled them all to the gym with me, and then we had dinner super late.  But I won the boys over with the promise of staying up late and having ice cream.  They were hard to convince.  Dad brought the trailer home today, and sure enough it was a tight fit in the garage, but we'll make it work.  

(7/6) Work day for Dad and me. With Dad working late, I am in charge of picking up the kiddos.  I couldn't get there early enough today, so Grandma grabbed them for cake decorating and hot tub fun!  I joined them for dinner and then got to enjoy their awesome cakes!

(7/7) We left early this morning to run Dad and C to the airport for an adventure.  Dad is camping with cousins in Minnesota and C is attending a hockey camp.  They are going to have a wonderful time!  Though, at the same time, I know it will be hard to be apart.  I took the littles to the museum to play in the airplane, and on our way home we stopped to check on the old place.  Got it all mowed, and some final stuff removed from the shed. 

(7/8) Happy Birthday to the C-monster!  He went to see the Secret Life of Pets, and then our MN cousins had a party for him. He has some pretty awesome cousins ~ check out that cake!!   The littles and I bummed around until the weather improved, and then went to the lake for a while.

(7/9) Dad and C went to Fort Snelling today, and C got to watch the blacksmith work, and then see a cannon demonstration.  The twins and I went to the gym, ran some errands, and hung around the house for the afternoon.  Sarah came to visit this evening, and D told her all about how we have stairs at our house, and who has what color of eyes, and the number of bathrooms here. Captain Non-Sequitur!  

(7/10) The twins slept past their alarm, and Jj pronounced D dead because he wouldn't wake up. LOL! I somehow managed to bork my back, so I gimped around this morning. I took the twins swimming at the Aquatics Center, and that was probably the best idea I've had in a long time. The twins are so different this year - they've gotten brave, and wanted to swim, and jump, instead of just wanting to hang in the toddler area. They really wanted me to take them down the water slide, but I doubt I could convince the life guards to let me take both boys down. C is all settled in at hockey camp.  He's rooming with 4 other boys. 2 from MN, one from CA, & one from CO. I hope he has the best time!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Like Ducks to Water

D: This song really dooms me.  Only Cake By the Ocean.
(D is in love with that song... I ended up buying a workout version that's clean for him to listen to, lol)

D: You need to hold my hand because my tummy hurts.
Me: Aw, I'm sorry.  Why does your tummy hurt?
D: Because my hand is empty!

J: I want to go to Sarah's house!
Me: Her new one or her old one?
J: Her new one!
D: Her old one is just gonna be for me, J.

(6/21) Work day for Dad and me, school for C, Amanda had the littles, and the teenager is already enjoying summer break.  We've had to start locking our room door, because Moose comes barging in - the handle is right at Moose head level and he just comes in whenever he feels like it.  The down side to this, is that once you lock yourself out, you're out!

(6/22) Last day of school for C today.  After I ran him to school, the twinadoes and I went to the gym. We then went home and grabbed the teenager to pick up foodage for a picnic at the lake.  We took so long picking out lunch that we only had a little while to actually eat before we had to go pick up C from school.  We made a quick stop by home and got our swim stuff, floaties, and sand toys, and went back out to the lake for some fun!  We played there until it was time for dinner.  Dad took us out to Black Angus, which was delicious.  Poor C had an upset tummy tonight at dinner... seems to be making the rounds through our fam :(  The teen went back home tonight.  Was fun to have her!

(6/23) Work day for me, and the Dad had the boys.  He met me at the gym with the littles this evening, and then took C to hockey.  I promised the boys that they could have ice cream right before bed again if they stayed in bed, and it worked!  This time, anyway :)

(6/24) Work day from home for me, and Dad had the boys.  The Cass-puppy and I walked our new coffee route and checked out our 'hood.  First time that I've really had a chance to get out and explore on foot :)  After dinner tonight, the boys and I walked over to see Sarah's new house.  It's beautiful!!  And I especially love that it's so close!

(6/25) Dad and C got up early today to go scout some campsites with friends, so the littles and I hit Zumba, and then I took them to the spray park.  We got home kind of late, but still managed to beat Dad & C.  C had a friend overnight, and they stayed up late playing video games.

(6/26) The boys and I worked in the yard this morning and found lots of worms and bugs.  I took them out for Slurpees, and then we hit the spray park. C was *not* impressed, but had a little bit of fun in there.  I lost track of D momentarily today.  He was lured away by the sound of the ice cream truck and managed to con a parent into buying him one.  Zomg, child... you're gonna give your mother all the gray hair!

(6/27) Work day for Dad & me, and Amanda had the boys.  D told her first thing that he was tired and was going to take a nap after lunch.  He did, and then was still up at 10pm when I went in to open his window back up because it was a billion degrees and he had picked out long sleeved jammies and was wearing his slippers.

(6/28) Work day for Dad and me.  We broke in the newly put together table and had dinner outside tonight.  It was so beautiful out!  I took the kiddos to the park afterwards, and ended up coming back shortly after we got there because D had to go potty.  Then after we went back, J needed to go.  I gave up and just put them to bed after that. Some days...

(6/29) The lady at the gym daycare asked if C was the twins' cousin because she didn't realize there were more of them.  Ha!  He's usually in school, so doesn't come with me on Weds mornings.  After Zumba, we ran up to Nanan's house and she watched the boys while I worked in the garage.  The boys had a blast- we couldn't find the pump to blow up the big pool, but Nanan had 2 plastic pools, and a toddler-sized slide.  Voila, instant water slide! The boys had a song war allllll the way up, and allllll the way back between Stressed Out and Cake By the Ocean.  C only likes the former, and D only likes the latter.  J idolizes C right now, so was with him on his song choice.

(6/30) Work day for me, and Dad has the boys today.  C has hockey later, so Dad will hand off the twins to me at the gym tonight.