Monday, April 20, 2015

Sun & Sausage Rainbows

D: I spy the sun!  Mom, cover your eyes!
Me: I can't, D... I'm driving.

J: A rainbow!
Me: That's sausage.
J: Sausage rainbow!
Me: Yeah, please hand me the sausage rainbow.

D: Sarah!  Look!  An EXCEPTIONAL bubble!

D: See you next time, JJ-sir!
J: Bye, DD-sir!
D: Thanks coming, JJ-sir!

(4/14) Work day for Dad and me, school for the bigs, and Sarah had the boys. She graciously met me at the gym with my herd so I could run after work. Just what I needed after a long day.

(4/15) Work day for Dad and I had the kiddos.  I took the littles to the library today and then to the park.  We got home a bit late which meant a late nap.  Fortunately, the teen walked in just as I was about to head up to wake them and I asked if she minded staying with sleeping boys while I went to go get C.  She didn't, so they got in some quality sleep. Nanan came to play bubbles with the boys this evening so the teen and I could sneak out for her appointment.  We hit Michael's afterward for these "divider things" the teen was looking for, which after hunting around, we determined she was looking for file folders. Oy vey.  But the trip was successful in that we brought home ice cream, so huzzah for that.

(4/16) Work day for me, school for the bigs, and Sarah had the boys.  Traffic was so horrible tonight that I only caught 30 minutes of Zumba, which is definitely not enough for an attitude adjustment (for me!).  The little boys were being such boogers tonight. J was sobbing about not getting the digger jammies he wanted and D was bouncing all over, so eventually I just gave up and walked out.  When I came back, D was passed out sans jammies. I just put a blanket over him and assured JJ he would be fine. J made sure to tell Dad first thing the next morning that D still needed jammies.  Dear boys: please nap at nap time and don't be so bonkers when it's bedtime!

(4/17) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos.  I had book club this evening, so snuck out the door pretty much right after work.  There was more venting than book chatter tonight, but I enjoyed the book and am curious to see what other authors have written in the same Kindle World.  C had movie night at his school with Nanan, where they watched Big Hero 6.  Nanan took him home for the weekend and I know he'll have a great time!  The teen went out for a movie too, but ultimately ended up at a friend's house watching Not Another Teen Movie.  Appropriate choice.

(4/18) Today was lovely.  We both got out to the gym and got the shopping done in the morning.  The teenager had a visit, so she left for that and Dad and I took the littles out for lunch.  They had snacked quite a bit this morning, so weren't terribly hungry.  I put them down for a nap after we got home D decided not to sleep. He's going to be fun tonight... We got them up to take them to Sarah's, where her daughter got to watch a small herd of children while all the adults went out to play.  We went wine tasting at Woodstone.  And what goes best with wine you ask?  Margaritas!  Mexican it was for dinner.  Yum.  We got home pretty early and promptly put the twins down and popped in a movie.  We watched Mockingjay Part 1 and the Imitation Game.  Both were really good.  Can't wait for part 2!

(4/19) I really shouldn't ever plan anything... The original plan was to meet Nanan up at the Camano beach, but C got sick and instead spent the morning sleeping.  Sarah and I went out for coffee and then I took the littles out to play in the back yard and sat in the sunshine with my book.  I put the littles down after a backyard picnic and offered a couple of swimming options up for the afternoon.  We settled on the lake - while not what I had in mind, did the trick just fine.  We took a picnic dinner and played until everyone got too cold. I bribed them all with hot showers and ice cream and we left for home.

(4/20) Work and school for us bigs and the littles are going to Sarah's.

Monday, April 13, 2015

So long and thanks for all the fish

Dad: JJ, are you being a butt?
J: Yes, I butt!

Me: The boys like the gym.
D: And I like the Starbucks! And the Sarah. And Jamie. And of course, Jordan.

Me: You need to go brush your teeth.
C: And give Mom a noogie!
Me: No...
C: What? It's on my daily to-do list!

D: I need hexagon kingcomers!  (cucumbers)

J: I play narbles!  (marbles)

Teen: Where's Dad?
Me: At the gym.
Teen: Dad? At the gym? 
Me: Yes, I know. He joined a gym!
Teen: I'm so confused. 

The boys love the 'zeum!
D: JJ wants to get off.
(4/7) Work day for Dad & me and Sarah had the kidlets.  She met me at the gym after work and I caught the last 40 of Pump before heading home.  Such a nice way to end the day!  

(4/8) Work day for Dad and I had the kids.  I took the littles to the "zeum" (Children's Museum) and then brought them home for lunch and a quick nap rest.  I got happily hollering twins up so we could go get C and then we headed to a play date at the lake with some old friends from C's preschool.  It was bright and sunny and turned out to be perfect weather for it.  I didn't bring swim stuff, but probably should have, or at least a change of clothes for them all.  I just monitored the boys so they didn't get too wet as they played.  We stayed for a few hours and then I rounded them up and took them all home.  I didn't hear a peep from the twins after I put them down for the night and they were sound asleep when C went up, which is a rarity for sure.

(4/9)  Work day for Dad and me, school for the bigs, and Sarah's for the littles.  I had a baby shower at work to go to and ended up getting off a little early.  I raced over to Sarah's to grab the kids and made it to the gym for the last 40 minutes of Zumba.  Dinner was a little late tonight because of it, and the conversation in the car was pretty funny.  J wanted trail mix, and D kept saying "No snacks! I need dinner. I hungry. I need dinner." allthewayhome.  Yes, D, I know.  Sorry, bud.

(4/10) Work day for me & Dad had the kids.  Dad got left with a grumpy, cooped up teenager since someone got home way past curfew last night.  He took the kids to the library so the teen had something to read at least. She's hooked on Harry Potter now, which they're reading in class, and really wants to go to Hogwarts. She and I watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tonight and she now knows the importance of always carrying your towel. The big boys went to go see playoff hockey and we won 5-3.  Way to go, Tips!

(4/11) I spent a lovely day with my mom today.  We went painting at the Sip Dip n Doodle to celebrate her birthday and had the place to ourselves. Then we walked over and had lunch at Tablas Woodstone.  And then finally coffee to cap off the day.  After we got home, the gaming group had mostly arrived.  The teen and I went to a movie since the boys had gone out the previous night.  We went to see Insurgent.  I really liked it, though I totally don't remember the book enough to compare and am feeling the need to re-read it.  

(4/12) Today sure fizzled out. It started strong with a gym trip for Dad & me. We had a beach trip planned for the afternoon, but as the afternoon creeped along, it got darker and colder.  Add to that, spending four hours on homework and having yet another argument and my patience was fried.  Marathons of the homework variety are not my thing and are about as exhausting.  The twins conked hard and I had to wake DD at 5pm, so all-in-all, it was probably good that we stayed home today.  The kiddos played "narbles" not-so-quietly while I got dinner together and then wanted to keep playing during dinner and/or be all all done in two bites, so they could go back to playing. Then it was on to bath / bed / pick-up that makes up our normal Sunday routine.

(4/13) Back to work and school with us today.  Busy week on tap.  Helmet on & .... GO.  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hop to it!

D: I see another battle hydrant!

D: I need some special juice in my special cup!

J: I need a birthday!   (translation: I want cake!)

Teen: If he's 23, how old was he 5 years ago?
Me: 23-5 is...
Teen: Mom! I don't have time for this!

(3/31) Work day for Dad and me and Sarah had the boys. it was nice out this evening, and the bigs played outside while I got dinner together and then well after.  I'm so looking forward to more summer evenings like this, where the kids stay out til it gets dark and time seems to slow down.

(4/1) I took the kids over to Grandma & Granddad's to color eggs this morning.  Sarah & her little joined us and we had a great time. I told Sarah we generally stay until we "wear out our welcome," which is code for when the littles melt down and need a nap.  The grands fixed us lunch and I left some spicy eggs (deviled eggs) behind as a thank you. Nanan arrived in the afternoon to watch the boys while I took the teen and her friend to the teen's appointment.  We grabbed pizza for dinner after and had a fun evening right up until I ran the teen's friend home and had the nerve to bring up homework. Sigh.  Nanan took C home with her tonight to stay a few days.  That will be fun!

(4/2) Work day for Dad and me and Sarah had my littles.  Sarah and I met at the gym to find that the daycare was full *again*... So I just took the kiddos home. We stopped at the "beautiful library" on the way home to drop off the movie and then went to go grab the teenager.  After we got home, I fixed the boys a snack and started on dinner for us girls.  More battling of unfair homework.  Seriously, I spend more time arguing about it than the teen does *doing* it.

(4/3) Work day for me and Dad had the kids.  We had originally planned to go camping this weekend.. BUT: I was scheduled til 5pm, and the weather looked yucky, and Easter is Sunday so we'd have to come home early, and the teen didn't want to go and would need transport to/from where she was staying... Which all added up to a big "meh" on the whole thing.  So instead, we opted to stay home. Dad ran up to grab C while the littles napped and work ended up setting us free a little early.  I took the opportunity to go walking with Sarah just in time for it to rain.  But there was Starbucks, so all was right with the world.  I took the bigs to see Home tonight - darling movie!  Definitely one we need to own.  And Dad and I watched Interstellar after the kids went up.  Also a very good movie.

(4/4)  Today I hit Zumba and then came home to see the teen off for her visit/stay with her sisters and that was the extent of my activities for the day.  We bummed around the house & yard, the twins went on nap-strike, and Dad spoiled us with baked penne and garlic bread for dinner.  We watched Horrible Bosses 2 tonight and it was horrible as promised.

(4/5) Had a lovely Easter over at Granddad & Grandma's!  We arrived early and had to corral the children inside because they were rarin' to go.  Something like 7 dozen hard boiled egg + over a 100 stuffed eggs were hidden outside in the yard and down in the forest below.  The kids had a ball.  The littles would shake the eggs and then chuck 'em if they didn't have anything in them, or were hard-boiled.  Aunt Shannon's puppy bounced all over them and helped eat the eggs. D probably ate his weight in candy and I cut him off at one point, but then found him around the corner parked in front of a grocery bag full of stuffed eggs helping himself.  We sang happy birthday to Uncle Craig on the phone and the littles came running for cake.  That was all they talked about when Dad took them home for a nap.  C and I stayed and visited all afternoon.  Granddad ferried us home around 5p, and then Dad went out to retrieve the teenager.  She came home with a very cute haircut and purple hair under the blonde.  Sounds like she had a fun weekend with her sisters.  Glad she got a chance to go!

(4/6) And Monday again.  Didn't we just do this?  Work day for Dad and me, Sarah has the littles and the grands have the bigs.