Monday, March 20, 2017

Pies, and Paddy's, and Popcorn! Oh, My!

D: Mom and Dad are getting old they are the same age. They are both 25. That's really old.

J: I'm too nappy [sleepy], Mom.

D: When we get a new ferret, I'm gonna name him "My Ferret." And we're gonna need C's old ferret cage for him.

Boys chanting while xboxing....
I came in like a wrecking ball!

J: Who's ever is up, and goes to breakfast in jammies, is gonna have a healthy breakfast of peanut butter and jelly, and Cheetos.

J: Leprechaun day is the day you ride rainbows!

C: I need a hammer so I can make a basket like the Native Americans used to. 
Me: A hammer?
C: Yeah, they strip it down to the bark and make baskets. Really, Mom!

D: My mom's favorite color is coffee!

D: The only fruit I like is oranges. I'm allergic about the other fruits.  

(3/11) C had a lacrosse game this morning.  He and Dad went to Ivar's to warm up afterward, and then went to go check out a possible trade for our truck.  We've been discussing needing more seats, but still needing the bigger vehicle to haul and tow.  I loved my Tucson, which I had for years and years, and when Dad found a newer Sante Fe with all the options AND in coffee color?  I was sold. We capped off the day by playing Exploding Kittens. We got the new expansion pack at Comicon, and C had to wear the cone when he kept forgetting whose turn it was.

(3/12) Dad had a VERY early start to work today.  I didn't change the clocks until after the boys got up, but even then, it was still the new 7:30a.  Ugh.  I let them play video games, and curled up for another hour or so.  When Dad got home, we piled in the car to go check out a local brewery. It was dog friendly, and one of the dogs came and plopped right down at D's feet hoping for fallen scraps, while another rested her head on my lap and looked up at me with sad eyes.

(3/13) The Monday after a time change is always rough.  C "slept in" today ~ he's usually always up before me when I work from home.  The twins had just woken up when C left for the day, and kept asking for me to go wake him up.

(3/14) Happy Pi(e) Day!  I may have convinced my work that we needed to celebrate... and then we had to celebrate again at home.  Pie is very important. C was supposed to have Lacrosse tonight, but it was raining cats and dogs tonight, and with C's lingering cough, we opted out tonight.

(3/15) The time change really zapped me. I sat down on the couch and shut my eyes for a second, and managed to sleep right through my zumba class.  Oh well.  We got ourselves together, and went to preschool.  We even got a brief respite from the rain and got to play outside today.  Huzzah!

(3/16) Work day for Dad & me, and school for the kiddos.  The twins had their St. Paddy's Day celebration in school today, since they don't have school tomorrow.  Nanan joined the boys for dinner before Dad took the herd to C's lacrosse practice. Since it was so nice out, I went for a walk instead of going to Zumba, and called Sarah since she was out doing the same thing.  Not quite the same as walking next to somebody, but it worked just as well!

(3/17) Happy St. Paddy's Day!  The leprechauns left some green coins and rock candy for the minions, and then I headed off to work for the day.  I took in green cookies and cupcakes to go with some homemade Irish cream that another coworker made for our coffee. Dad and D made shepherd's pie and cabbage tonight for dinner. It was delicious!

(3/18) Sarah and I got up early to go fetch coffee before chauffeuring our kiddos to their events.  C had a very rainy and cold lacrosse game, wherein they lost badly.  And the twins and I went to Amanda's kiddo's birthday party in the afternoon.  It rained, but we played outside nonetheless.  Because puddles.

(3/19) We woke up to a gloriously sunny day today. I let the kids play video games for a while, but then pried them away to ride bikes.  We were joined by Sarah and her boys, and the boys played about 3 hours down at the creek.  C even came home to grab a water bottle and then went back down to play.  Must stay hydrated!  We tried out the new popcorn machine tonight.  The twins have been begging to use it ever since it was delivered.  We like to put lime juice and salt on it, and C proclaimed it "limier than expected," but otherwise enjoyed it.

(3/20) Work day for Dad & me, and school for the boys.  J fell apart at school today, so it was a short day for the twins today. We all have our days.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Kangaroos and Costumes

D (while eating lunch): Can we have a snack?

D: Hot chocolate heats up my body and makes the sun come out.

D: UGH! How many days do I have to keep coming to this school?!!
(D loves school, but he is really excited to be in kindergarten!)

D: What about flying cars?
Me: I don't think that would be a good idea. (Cuz he's talking about his Hot Wheels) 
D: It would be a good idea. It would.

Me: Look, it's you-ing outside!
Snow: You're a dork.

D: I say oooh and I just fart. And you healed me when you fart.
.... tales from the car.

J: When you go outside and watch the plants grow, I will give you a treat. It's peanuts!

D: When you go snow-boarding, make sure you do it on the mountains. Because when Mom, me, and J are working in here, you need to make sure to play by yourself.

D: Megans are weird.
Me: Why do you say that? 
D: Because Megans are evil.

J: My feeling hurts. That means you have to lie down forever.

D: If you stay in your bed and wake up at 8 o'clock, then you get a treat!

D: I don't know why plug-ins are electric. And why cars and trucks and SUVs are not electric.
... D's first existential crisis

Game puck signed by Carter Hart #70
One of the twins in goal
(2/26) Lazyish morning for us.  I bribed the teenager with coffee so I could go out walking with Sarah, and then we all hung out and watched the boys play video games until everybody got too grumpy to share nicely.  S had plans with friends, so I ended up taking the boys to C's game this afternoon.  Both teams showed up in red jerseys, so C's team wore theirs inside-out.  C's team won 5-2, and C got one of those goals today!

(2/27) Work from home day for me.  It snowed this morning, but not enough to cancel school or anything.  The littles tried their best to sled, and lasted about 20 minutes before coming in and begging for hot chocolate.  I think it takes more time to get them in their snow gear, than they actually spend outside... but whatevs, they had fun.

(2/28) Work and school day.  C had lacrosse practice this evening, and I caught a quick run before they came home.  And then I blinked, and it was bedtime.

(3/1) My day to work on the twins' classroom.  After class, we got home and Dad was doing some serious gardening.  He'd ripped out all the bushes along the side and in the front of our front yard, and was starting to plant our new trees (couple dwarf apples), and bushes (currant and honey berry).  I moved our hydrangea into the back, and I hope it comes back since I really cut it down.  I worked on putting together our new treadmill.  It is a serious beast, but I am excited about all its features!

(3/2) Work day for Dad & me, and school for the kiddos today.  C had lacrosse this evening, and I hit a Zumba class before we all met back at home.

(3/3) Work day for me, and Dad had the kiddos.  C was feeling punky today, so Dad kept him home from school.  It was questionable whether or not he'd make the hockey skate out tonight, but he did, and we're so proud of him! He got to be the Silvertip's Junior Skater, and he skated out to stand with them during the national anthem. The twins played during the intermission at the Tips game tonight too.  I tried to get a shot of them on the jumbotron, but heard from D later that he went right back and stood by the door.  Oh well!  Lot of effort getting 3 boys ready to skate for a short period of time, but really cool experience!  The twins are done with hockey for the season, and C is nearly done after this.

#5 in red; 3rd from left
(3/4) The boys and I hit the gym, and then came home briefly, and then were off again to grab the teenager for the weekend.  She spent most of today out with friends, except for coming out to watch C's playoff game this afternoon. Badgers won 4-1 today, and C played really well!

(3/5) Fun day at Comicon with the teenager!  She went as Raven from the Teen Titans, and I just wore a shirt that says, "A girl has no costume." Grandma & Granddad came to watch the boys, and we were off.  I planned a few panels for us to sit in on this year, instead of just wandering aimlessly like we did last year.  We took lots of pictures, and nerded out.  It was really great to get to spend the whole day with S!  C's hockey team had a game super early this morning, but there was just no way to make it work.  His team took the silver trophy this year.  Great job Badgers!

Teen Titans Raven
Vader: Raven.  So much darkness, so little time.
(3/6) Work from home day for me today. I'm so glad I had today to recoup from yesterday!  The boys all had school, and Dad had work, so I got a few quiet hours in there to get some work done.

(3/7) Blarg. I woke up feeling like crap today.  I decided to work from home again today, and was going to keep the coughing twins home too, but they were little pistols by the afternoon, so I took them on in to school.  I'm so ready to be done being sick!

(3/8) Today the twins' class had a field trip to the Outback Kangaroo Farm.  It's such a fun trip, and the kids get to pet and feed almost all the animals.  I packed a picnic lunch, which we decided to eat back at the house because it was so chilly out at the farm.  The twins had a fun afternoon of screen time.  Once C got home, we had an appointment for him, and then came home for dinner.

(3/9) Work day for Dad & me, and school day for the kiddos.  C had lacrosse practice after school today, and I took a Zumba class after I got home from work.  The twins were still up waiting for me to read to them when I got home. And by waiting, I mean wearing an Iron Man mask and playing with their Hot Wheels in bed.

Trying out the Cone of Shame ~
C: Haha!  That's what she gets!
(3/10) Work day for me, and Dad has the kiddos.  C is attending a play at the Seattle Children's Theatre tonight with Nanan, and I'm looking forward to a quiet night for the rest of us.