Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Badger, badger, badger

C: You need to learn how to skate so when the ice age comes, you can skate on top of it!

Me: What do you want for lunch?
D: I want....something like a square.

D: My stomach place for ice cream is un-full.

C: I told Dad some things I wanted for Xmas.... like my own Xbox account and my own house.

J was watching an episode of American Ninja Warrior and the commentators were talking and one said, "Can she do it?" and he chanted "You can do it!" at the TV.

Me: Mama needs to work, so you can go play screen time with JJ.
D: Are you going to work upstairs?
Me: No, I'll work down here so I can be with you.
D: Are JJ and me staying here?
Me: No, I think you can go to preschool after lunch.
D: No, it will be too cloudy.

D: I have a great idea!
Me: What is your great idea?
D: Tomorrow we're gonna go to Lake Chelan!
Me: And what are we going to do there?
D: Just eat.  We can have the cereal that just has the marshmallows!
Me: We're going all the way to Chelan just for breakfast?
D: We can just play on the playground, and do golf!
Me: Sounds nice!

(10/7) I worked from home today, and Dad had the boys.  Nanan came over to watch the kiddos so we could go see Titus this evening.  The show was awesome, as usual! This is the second time we've seen him live, and he is one of our top faves!

(10/8) C had a great game today!  His team's goalie faced 5 penalty shots, and stopped all but one. 15-0 Badgers, and +0 rating for C.  The twins started hockey today too, and got to practice with some of the Tips players.  I took them to the Children's Museum after practice and found the rest of Everett. We picked up movies for tonight and had a cozy night in.

(10/9) C was supposed to have an early game today, but was feeling off this morning, so we decided to hang at home. We had a pretty lazy day, and were sad to miss a family dinner with my siblings.  Next time, Gadget!

(10/10) Work day for Dad and me, but C was feeling horrible this morning so I kept him home.  I worked from home today, and know how fortunate I am to have a job that allows for that :)  We obviously skipped hockey tonight, and had a quiet night in.

(10/11) Happy birthday twinadoes!!  They are five today!  Dad went in to work, but C was still feeling crummy, so I worked from home today so he could stay home.  I whipped up a cake, and Dad made us a fancy dinner on the barbecue to celebrate. This week is birthday extravaganza all week.  Should be fun!

(10/12) Work day for Dad, and I had the boys.  C was feeling well enough to head back to school today. I hope the bug is through with us!   We celebrated J's special day in class with lemon muffins, strawberries, and grapes.  Nanan came to preschool today with us to check out how things are done.  She is going to be replacing Dad for his classroom work day on Thursdays. She took us out for ice cream after school, and we properly spoiled our dinner.

(10/13) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys.  Today was D's special day in class.  D picked out lemon cookies and strawberries for his snack today.

(10/14) I took the day off today to go on a field trip with the twins to Stocker Farms.  We met Nanan in Snohomish for breakfast.  Shortly after we parked, D had the most horrendous bloody nose, and I could not find one single restaurant or bathroom open to get him cleaned up.  We eventually found a place and had breakfast.  The boys were antsy when they finished, so I took them to Stocker's, leaving Nanan at the restaurant.  The field trip ended up being across 9, so we sped over there, and managed to catch an abbreviated corn maze jaunt.  It was absolutely pouring - even when we got on the covered wagon, the rain came in sideways.  The twins rode the barrels, and C and I hung out with the goats in the covered area for a bit.  It was just so gross out, that we got our pumpkins, and headed home for a big pot of hot chocolate.  Nanan unfortunately (?) couldn't find us, so she just headed back home.  I'm sure she was bummed to miss that wet adventure!

(10/15) We celebrated the twinsies at Chuck E Cheese today.  It was the day of a forecasted huge storm, so it ended up being just us, Sarah's boys, and Nanan.  But the boys had a blast!  They got unlimited game time, and we sugared them all up.  Dad ended up taking C to a make up hockey practice this evening, but then we had Sarah's oldest come spend the night.  The power went off for a few hours, so we played cards around the flashlight, and made sure to polish off the eggnog... you know, just in case!

(10/16) Dad worked today, and I was off with the boys.  We all piled in the truck and headed out to get the twins a new bunk bed that a friend was selling.  It POURED, of course. I tarped and tied everything down, but drove the longer/slower way home, just in case.  We met Dad at home and he helped unload, break down the old bunk bed set and the assemble the new one upstairs.  That was quite a workout!  We discovered we were missing a couple of dowels, so weren't able to assemble the top bunk today.

(10/17) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the boys.  C had hockey tonight, so I met the guys at the rink, and brought the twins home.  I rearranged some furniture upstairs after the boys went to bed, and it inspired C to clean his room too when he got home.  Hey, whatever it takes!

(10/18) Work day for Dad and me, and the boys had school.  Amanda said she was going to take the twins to the pumpkin patch, but they both refused - guess they used up all their fun on our field trip, lol!

(10/19) Work for Dad, day off for me, and my workday in the twin's preschool.  We were all cranky and exhausted today, so early bedtimes for everyone!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Top Chef

Teacher: And what did you bring that's circular today?
J: A punk! (hockey puck)

Teenager: She's pretty much the best mom ever!
Me: Well, sometimes...
Teenager: Except when she's being a mom.
LOL, that's more like it!

Me: What are you doing, D?
J: Nothing!
Me: I was asking D.
J: This is D. J??? What are you doing?
Me: Goofball.

Me: Good morning! Time to get up!
D: Well, that's just rude!
Me: What?
D: The things that you were saying. I wanted to wake up in the morning.
Me: It is the morning.
D: I wanted to wake up when it isn't dark.

J: When I am 100, I will be Batman!

D (trying to mooch my dinner): Well, I'm hungry for stuff that are hot.

J: We're almost there, D! Mom, shut up!
Me: Hey, that's not very nice! 
J: That's what you say when someone says something stupid. 
Me: Stupid is not a very nice word either. 
J: I have something nice. You just say "What the hell!"
Me: .... well, we're home.  Everybody out.

D: I can just smell the yellow bag. The yellow bag of chips! 
The ones in my stomach? How did he know?!

D: I miss C, so I need to look at this picture! (a picture of me & D....)
D: I put this picture on the window so I won't lock you out. (same picture)

(9/27) Work day for Dad & me, and school for the boys.  We had a "disaster" day at work - we got re-certified for CPR, and talked about our safety plan at work.  It definitely inspired me to take a look at what we have at home and get organized.  The sale on our house was finalized today--FINALLY--so we went to sushi to celebrate.  I took the little boys out for a bike ride this evening, since it was so beautiful out, and Dad and C even joined us.

(9/28) Work day for Dad, and I had the boys. J came down and told me the rules for the slug bug game, and before long I discovered he had no idea what a slug bug was, and really was just enjoying the slugging part. Google to the rescue, and that settled that. We went to Zumba, and then came home and got the bikes out for a bit before preschool.  Dad and C had eye exams this evening, so the littles and I stayed home and watched Ninja Warrior for the bazillionth time. J can tell me the names of the competitors now, and a bit about them.  I need to find a different episode....

(9/29) The twinsies had dental appointments today, so I worked from home until C left for school, and then headed in.  Dad said the twins did great at their appointment! He went to preschool with them today. C had his fund run, which he said he won, completing something like 17 laps.  I forget how many make up a mile, but he consistently does well at this, and runs fast!  He had hockey tonight on tired legs, and somehow managed to lose his gloves at the practice before, which made Dad none too happy.

(9/30) Work from home day for me.  This afternoon was exceedingly frustrating because our site kept having issues.  Luckily I was home and could go do laundry and such between errors.  I went through C's closet today and weeded out all the too small stuff.  He's getting so tall - had to check all the pants for high waters.

(10/1) I hit zumba with the twinsies and then we picked up the teenager and her friend for the weekend.  We all went to C's game, which they won 10-5!  And then C went home with a friend to avoid the teenage invasion.  He missed out though, and we went to sushi for dinner as a belated celebration of the teenager's birthday.

(10/2) Lazy day for me and the kids. Dad had to work, but ended up coming home early when he lost access to all the tools necessary to do his job.  The teenagers got a ride back around midday, and C came home a little later.  I took the twins out for a bike ride, but that's about all we did today.

(10/3) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the boys.  J was a disaster this morning - everything was RUDE! And he sobbed when I dropped him off.  He was totally fine later, but I suspect he's very tired from D's bedtime shenanigans as of late.  C had hockey this evening, so I met Dad at the rink and took the twins home.

(10/4) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the boys.  The twins got to go to Gymagine for playtime before school.  Lucky boys!  They made cookies in class, and looked absolutely adorable in their chef hats.  D told me all about what ingredients to use, and remembered everything.  I'm very impressed!  C got a new Nerf gun tonight, and spent the evening hunting the twins.  I just tried to stay out of the line of fire.

(10/5) Day off for me, school for the boys, and Dad worked. The twins had a great day.  Jj wore his chef hat around on our errands, and to the gym this morning.  So stinkin' cute!  Dad and C went to a Silvertips game this evening (Tips won 3-1!), and the little boys and I watched some Teen Titans before heading up to bed.  An hour and half after I put them to bed, I had to go pull D out of J's bed and turn off their light.  Much wailing ensued... because drama.   Seriously child, go to bed!

(10/6) Work day for me, and Dad has the boys.  C has hockey tonight, so he and Dad will go to that, and I'll take the twinadoes to the gym.