Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer days drifting away, To, uh oh, those summer nights

C: We should think about getting a boat because I have my crabbing license. Me and Jordan are saving up to get our own boat!

(6/30) Work day for me and Dad had the kids.  I'm all moved in to my new cube and have a veritable green house going.  Our agent suggested thinning the garden window down to just a select few plants, so I brought them all to work :)  Dad took the boys to the Depot today and D told me it's too loud, but they got fun new stuff to clean with, so huzzah for that.

(7/1) Day off for me, and work day for Dad. Converted the twins to big boy beds today.  They have been getting out of their cribs for weeks now, and then J's crib broke when he was climbing on it today, so that was the final straw.  Bedtime just got more fun.  Sigh.  We did get out to the lake today to enjoy the sunshine, so that was lovely.  The twins are getting so brave with their swimming!  J still doesn't love getting his head wet, but he willingly goes in up to his ears.  

(7/2) Work day for me, but we were loosed early for the holiday.  I stopped by Starbucks for iced drinks and then went and sat outside and watched the kids play at Sarah's.  D thinks their pool is way cooler because it is blue, but I'm thinking it might have something to do with the dome over it.  We stayed until J wore out our welcome allllll over said dome.  Thank you very much, J.  And then we went home for dinner and to meet up with Dad. 

(7/3) C spent the night at Sarah's, and we met up in the morning to hand over Pokemon cards and go to Zumba.  We stopped at the popcorn store (Ace Hardware) since they had umbrellas for sale, and they were out of popcorn (aka hadn't made it yet).  Deedles was crushed.  He told us all day about how sad he was that they were out of popcorn. C got to go out crabbing with Sarah's fam and they brought back 6.  Awesome!  

This not napping business is going well.
(7/4) Happy Fourth!  We're staying home today to make sure our neighbors don't burn our house down.  Dad worked until 4p and then brought home kabob fixins, which we had plus some delicious crab that Sarah dropped off from C's crabbing adventure yesterday.  I got Pop-its for the boys, but since fireworks are illegal in the city and it's been so dry, we didn't do anything more than that. 

Pop-its with Dad
Complete with cheese
(7/5) We were busy today.  Dad ran several loads to the dump, and we sent another load to Value Village.  I vacuumed, steam cleaned, and washed the walls.  We met with our agent today to talk about timing, and figure we're at least another week out.  We managed to get the twins to take a nap by separating them, but it still is taking almost 3 hours to get them down at night, nap or no nap.  Combo of the light and heat, I guess.  But ugh. I'm ready to put blackout curtains up... or bungee them to their beds.  

Zombie bebe eats brains for breakfast.
Tastes like cherries.
(7/6)  Work day for me and Dad has the kiddos today.  I have to work a full week this week.  I haven't done that in what feels like a looooong time.  Best get to it!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Movin' and Shakin'

D: I want tomato on my sandwich (PBJ). I don't like tomatoes. Tomatoes are too spicy and yummy.

D: I want peanut butter, jam, and toast, and jelly!

D: I want fuzzy pants!
Me: It's too hot out for pants.  Let's try shorts.
D: Because they're too hot and nice and cold!

D: Where's J***?
Me: She went to live with her grandma.
D: And Granddad is out shopping!
Wrong grandma... but sure.

C: And definitely no poops on the couch because it would be camouflaged.
(little potty training humor!)

(6/23) Work day for me and Dad had the kiddos. Dad took the boys out to look at houses today.  They were crazy excited.  A whole new place to destroy!

(6/24) Work day for Dad and I had the kids.  I ran C's bike (Goodwill find) out to the bike store to get the tires looked at, and when we got home, we discovered the rear brakes were broken.  He just used his little bike to buzz around the neighborhood, but then happened to mention his was broken to a neighborhood dad, and this dad fixed his bike right up.  Happy day!  I had all the kiddos out riding their bikes on the side street and then we played in the sprinkler (or water bucket) to cool off.

(6/25) Work day for Dad & me, and Sarah had the kiddos.  I had to get the boys up super early today, and poor D was a sobbing, blabbering mess.  We had Sarah keep the littles' naps short so they would hopefully go to sleep relatively quickly...HA.  I got my office all packed up today, and will come back to a brand new cube in another part of the building next week.

(6/26) I took today off, and got to enjoy the day with the kiddos.  I took the boys to Zumba and then we went to the tie-dye party supporting the preschool they will attend/have attended.  The boys played and played, and were predictably exhausted.  J fell asleep on a five minute car ride when I went to take the teenager to a friend's house after all that.  Dad took the bigs out to a movie tonight (Inside Out) and I stayed home with the littles while they played the get-out-of-bed game a bazillion times. This phase is getting so old!

(6/27) I took the boys to Zumba this morning, but really didn't need to bother since I would be doing plenty of stairs this afternoon loading up the teenager's stuff for her big move.  After a year with us, she is leaving us to go live with her grandmother.  We hope to still see her often and will miss her like crazy!  This move is very bittersweet - we're thrilled for her, but at the same time... sniff, sniff.   After Zumba and a few "popcorn" (hardware) store runs, we went home to give the teenager more boxes and I got cleaned up to go to book club.  It was a very small book club, but it was the perfect afternoon to sit outside, drink mimosas, and not discuss the book.  Once I got back, I packed the van full of the teenager's stuff.  After we had said our goodbyes, I then hauled all of C's things into her old room and broke down his bunk bed in the twins' room, while Dad drove the teenager to her new home. Busy, busy day.

(6/28) Today we met with a realtor to view a home and then have her take a peek at ours and see what we were up against in terms of prepping ours for sale. Since I'm in moving mode, I knocked out most of the boys' bedrooms and got the bulk of the upstairs ready.  Dad made multiple runs to the dump and Value Village and we made a big dent. I feel pretty optimistic that we can get ours done before the week is out.

(6/29) More cleaning, sorting, and sweating today.  It's too dang hot!  Shew!  I had vacation planned for today, which was super convenient since my office moved suites and the actual move took place today and we didn't have to be there for it.  We met up with Oma & Opa this afternoon and Opa brought his famous cookies along with stuff we forgot the last time we visited.  The littles spied those and asked for one about every five seconds.  And then wanted seconds.  Since we were in the area earlier, Dad & I stopped at Spuds sans kiddos.  Shh, don't tell!  We looked at another property this evening that we like even better than the one we viewed yesterday.  I'm starting to get excited about moving!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hot Potato

D: Mama? Whatcha doing?
Me: Cooking.  What are you doing?
D: Uhm.  Potato.

D: Moose is hitting me! Hit me, Moose!  Hit me!
(with his tail)

Me: Do you guys want to go ride the horses?
D: No, we want to ride the Moose!

Jordan: Can we be done now?
Sarah: We're almost there.  I don't know how you'd get back to the car if we stopped here though.
Jordan: I'd activate my transpotato!

Me: I'm making Monkey Bread for the monkeys!

Me: Are ya warm now, D?
D: It's too hot and nice!

(6/16) Day off for Dad and me.  Granddad & Grandma came over and we worked, and worked, and worked on the chipping up the big piles of ivy we cut up last week. I am so grateful for their help - they're always willing to do fun & exciting things like that.  Love them!   Dad took C fish shopping after school and restocked our big tank.  C got a little beta tank to replace the bowl he had.  His new tank has a light that he can read by at night.  With some creative rigging, I *think* it's safe from the twins now?

(6/17) Last day of school for the bigs! I did the responsible adult thing this morning and paid bills while the littles played and got into I took them to the gym to be someone else's problem for a bit before we grabbed C and came home. We had a picnic lunch and then to celebrate the school year and the anniversary of the teenager coming to live with us, we went to the buffet.

New THIRD grader!
(6/18) Work day for Dad, and play day for the rest of us.  Sarah and I took all five boys to Green Lake today. We made it all the way around and didn't lose or kill any of them :) Yay us!  I put the littles down late and they took forever to fall asleep... but when they did, they slept hard and for too long.

(6/19)  I made my early birdies breakfast and then hauled them to the gym.  We went for coffee after class, and then to Sarah's house to enjoy while the kids played.  Sarah kept C during the twins' "nap," which I gave up on after an hour and sent the littles out to the yard to play.   The teenager asked to go to a friend's house this evening, so Dad ran her over and then hit the gym, while I played the "GET BACK IN BED" game with the twins, because they had now caught their second and third winds, and their little over-tired selves refused to settle.

(6/20) We hit the gym this morning, mostly because the boys were on a royal tear and I couldn't take it anymore. Afterward, we stopped to get more mulch for the flower beds out front.  I spread it during "nap time," and just hoped the littles would stay put.  C was inside while I worked and reported that they were banging on the door and running around... so yeah, they "napped."  We met up with Granddad and Grandma for an early Father's Day dinner this afternoon.  We went to the buffet again, which has a great assortment of sushi and other good eats.  Love that place!  I took the boys to the park to burn off some of the sugar they inhaled, and then came home to put them in bed.

(6/21) Happy Father's Day! We took the boys down to Emerald Downs to watch the horse races today.  C and J had opportunities to pet the escort ponies, but J got scared and backed away before he had a chance.  Then, of course, he wanted to try again, but the horse had already gone on.  We had a really nice time, and Dad won back his parking money. We came back home for a nice dinner and Slurpees to cap off a warm day.  The teenager reappeared this evening and got started packing.  She'll be leaving to move in with her grandma soon.  Sigh... It's going to be so different.

(6/22) Back to work me with today, and Dad has the kiddos. It was a good week, but I'm definitely ready to be back to routine.

Emerald Downs!
J says his bed is full of "stinkies"

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tippy-toe Powers Activate!

C: When I am swimming, I can just activate my tippy toes and touch!

D: JJ, come screw with me!
(They were using screw drivers)

D: I have an owie on my arm.
Me: I'm sorry, how'd you get that?
D: I went running with Sarah.  And Dad.  And Mama.

Me: And soon you boys will get to go to preschool.
D: No, I want to go play in the yard.
C: See Mom? I think we should home school for the rest of the year then.

C: Do you want me to make a fart?
Yay, boys!

(6/9) Work day for me and Dad had the kids.  I'm liking his schedule and the bigs just have one week left. I'm looking forward to a busy summer.

(6/10) Work for Dad today and I had the kiddos.  Granddad and Grandma brought over the chipper and we tore all the ivy down off the back fence.  It's been there since before we moved here over 7 years ago, so it was well entrenched, and we worked HARD!  Hopefully now I can keep it under control.  Nasty stuff.  I like how my yard is shaping up now though!

(6/11) Work day for Dad and me.  Sarah met me at the gym with the kids and we got to Zumba before coming home.  The only bad part about doing that is that we get home late and it's pretty much bedtime as soon as we walk in the door.

(6/12) Work day for Dad & me, and Sarah had the kids. I had to wake the boys and have them at Sarah's by 6:45a, and they were so tired D kept yelling random things like "That is not a toy  because it's too loud!" The littles have taken to calling Sarah "Mom" when they're tired like that.  They've been pretty clingy, but also very cuddly. The teenager rode the bus home with a friend, and we had a movie night in.

(6/13) Work day for Dad, and I had the kiddos.  I wanted to take the kids to Zumba, but discovered Dad had the car seats.  Called Sarah and she ran one by and we got to Zumba only a few minutes late.  After class, we headed over to the boys' last swim lesson.  At the start of the lesson, 3/4 swimmers were sobbing, and JJ was bouncing up and down, happy as can be... D was sympathy crying.  Swim was very fun and the boys really did great.  We went over to Grandma's for lunch and C stayed to go bday shopping and I brought the littles home to nap while I worked in the yard.  We went and played out in the yard later and got the boys nice and filthy before bath time.

(6/14) Fun day for me!  I ran to coffee with Sarah in the morning and then met up with another foster mom for a walk on the Centennial Trail... with more coffee! She was wearing a familiar race shirt, so we talked shop and running.  My mom (Nanan) requested 24 hours of my time, and didn't tell me where we were headed. Not being in charge of the plans is hard for me, but she offered no-kid time and wine, so I said I was in! We ended up staying at the Inn at Barnum Point which had a beautiful waterfront view and a great deck. We sat out, watched the eagles, and visited all afternoon. Very relaxing!  Dad held down the fort while I was away.

(6/15) Mom and I sat out on the deck and had cinnamon rolls and coffee and watched four bald eagles getting buzzed by smaller birds, or just hanging out at the beach.  Unfortuntately, my phone camera didn't get great pics, but it was still a treat!  We went for lunch and then watched a movie before I came back to reality.  I missed my kiddos!  I am out on vacation this week and it was a great way to kick it off!