Friday, January 13, 2017

You can call me Mashed Potatoes

Me (talking to the cat): Why are you all wet?  What did you get into?
D: I think he got into wet stuff.
Us: Thanks, Caption Obvious!

J: Holy cow!
D: Stop saying that!
C: It just means there's a cow with lots of holes in it.

Me: Don't hit!
D: When I went to get the tablet, my arm just went the way of J's.

D: My mom tell me he can't cannonball into the hot tub or he might break it.

Me: You have a bony butt.
J: I have a Zamboni butt!

D: I want to change my new name.
Me: What do you want your new name to be?
D: Mashed Potatoes!  I want everybody to be called Mashed Potatoes!

J: That smell is hungry for my nose!

Dad: Okay there, Rambo!
C: I'm not Rambo, I'm Rainbow!

J: I want a steak-cake for my birthday!  For I can have one million proteins!

Me: D, I know what I'm doing!
D: Eventually.

After retelling this story...
Nanan: Do you even know what eventually means?
D: Later.

Nanan: Do you know where these M&Ms came from?
D: The tube right there.
Nanan: I was looking for Santa, but yes, you are correct.

J: This shirt is way better than C's shirts!

J: I'm sorry, Mom. Preschool is cancelled forever. The pipes froze on the inside and the outside. So now we need to go to C's school.

(12/31) Sarah watched the boys so Dad & I could go out to Purple for brunch this morning.  We had a mimosa flight, crab cakes, and I had the (lobster baked) macaroni...because we all know I'm 5.  But it was SO good! It snowed just enough to be pretty out, but didn't really stick to much today.  This evening, we did the countdown with the littles early (thank you, Netflix!), and then put the twins down.  Dad and C spent the evening playing X-COM, though we did turn to the Needle when fireworks time came.

(1/1) Happy New Year!  We had a pretty lazy day today.  I did take the pup out for a walk to get out of the house for a bit, but yeah, that was about it.

(1/2) Today was lovely!  I got in a walk to coffee with Sarah and Laura, and then had dinner with Tami, whom I haven't seen in forever! It was fun to gab with all the girls.  Dad took the boys to C's hockey practice while I was at dinner.

(1/3) Back to work and school for us all today. Meetings galore at work, and the catch-up is always fun.  C has been dreading going back since vacation started. Bubba had a rough day today, but hopefully it'll get better as we go along.

(1/4) The twins had a field trip today to Music & Me.  It was an introduction to musical instruments.  They had a fun time, and we capped off the morning with some hot chocolate, because it was freezing out (and maybe because I needed more coffee).  This evening, the twins had their first hockey game.  It was a total riot!  D kept crawling over to the goal, and then he'd stand up in the goal--whether he was playing that shift or not--and kick the kiddo currently playing in goal out.  Then he'd proceed to completely ignore the game.  J skated around and sorta-kinda wandered over to where the puck was. Their performance had us all cackling in the stands.

(1/5) Preschool was cancelled today when the pipes froze.  Nanan had come over to work in the twins' class, so instead she came to our house and stayed for dinner. I finally got home and managed to visit briefly with her before the twinsies' bed time.

(1/6) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys.  I saw them briefly before going to book club tonight.  We read a fun book (The Last Days of Salton Academy), and had a good discussion.

D crawling up to the goal
Leading D to the bench
(1/7) Sarah and I went for coffee before the twinsies' practice this morning.  C had a game later, and he requested that we all come.  The Badgers won 8-4, and C played an awesome game in first string tonight!  He and Dad stayed for the Totems game after, and I ferried the twins home and put them to bed.

C is red #5 here
(1/8) This morning we bravely went into C's room and cleaned it.  He whined, and complained, and tried hiding under the bed...when really?  The process took less than 30 minutes.  It just needed to be done.  Sarah brought Jor over to play later, and we escaped on a walk, while Dad held down the fort with four hooligans.

(1/9) Work from home day for me, and school for the boys.  I got up early and ice skated on my walk, but at least got to enjoy some lingering Xmas lights.

J in the middle
(1/10) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys.  C's nerf gun arrived, and it is ridiculous.  It shoots both the larger and smaller sized nerf bullets.  I had to tell D to put a shirt on, spoiling the no-shirt party, because his back was covered in hits.  The boys had lots of fun, and I'm sure I'll be finding bullets everywhere now.

J laying in the middle
D crawling to goal
(1/11) Busy day "off" for me.  Gym, preschool, and an appointment for C. Dad spoiled us with Olive Garden for dinner.  Yummo!

(1/12) Work day for me, and school for the boys.  Nanan worked in the twins' preschool class today, and then joined us for dinner.  She stayed until the twinsies had to go to bed, and we had a little time to visit.

(1/13)  Work day for me, school for C, and Dad is hangin' with the twins today.  C is headed to Nanan's house tonight, so we'll have a quiet night with the younger two.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Dead Man Cooking

J: I made a dead man! 
D: I keep face-bombing! (face palming)

20 minutes after they went to bed....
J: Mom? Can we wake up now?

C: Can I have nachos for breakfast?
Me: No.
C: Why?
Me: Because nachos are not a breakfast food.
C: As long as they're served with coffee they are. Anything served with coffee is a breakfast food.

J: I don't know how to make dork stuff.

Playing Bean-boozled!  
C: Are we seeing Moana in 3D?
Me: Nah.  How'd you like the 3D in Rogue One?  Did it make you sick?
C: I loved it!  It was especially good in RPX because it had real, leather seats, and it felt so good.

D: Jimmy is the color of mashed potatoes!

D: My three sushi stomachs are all empty!

J: Mom, I'm full.  Can I have candy?
D: My candy place is all empty!

(12/20) Work day for me, and Dad had the kiddos.  I took C out tonight after work to get fitted for some snowboarding gear.  He's going up with Grandma & Granddad tomorrow for a lesson.

(12/21) C lucked out and got a private, all-day lesson snowboarding!  Grandma & Granddad brought back such a tired kiddo, that he wanted to go home and go to sleep instead of joining us over at Sarah's for gingerbread cookie decorating. We had a great time making cookies ~ such a fun tradition!

(12/22) Work day for me.  I stayed home with the twins tonight while C and Dad went to hockey and got started wrapping.  Omgoodness... always so much!

(12/23) I had to work today, but they let us out early.  I managed to complete my shopping (huzzah!) during lunch.  So I just had a ton of wrapping to do.  It snowed this afternoon, and it made shopping that much more festive.  We got a few inches, but it didn't stick to the roads, so we should all be able to get where we're going this weekend!

(12/24) Dad made Dutch Babies for us this morning and prepared a turkey feast this afternoon.  Nanan and the teenager joined us for dessert time, and then we opened a few presents.  I got the boys these ridiculous Minion slippers, which they loved, and decided were a bit creepy.

(12/25) Nanan stayed over, and the kids opened Santa prezzies. We said our goodbyes, and then headed over to Granddad's in our jammies.  Dad made Dutch Babies, and we enjoyed those plus cinnamon rolls, and quiche for breakfast. Once we were properly stuffed, we opened more presents. The kids played in the hot tub, played with Play-Doh, played with toys, and with each other.  It's so fun to have cousins close in age! We took the long way home tonight and looked at lights.  Perfect end to our really lovely day.

(12/26) The teenager watched the twins so Dad, C, & I could go see Rogue One this morning. We loved it!  S went out to spend her babysitting money when we returned, and then we collected her and went for sushi.  We only had her until this evening, but I'm so glad she could come spend Xmas with us!

(12/27) Today we had an appointment for C, and when we returned, Sarah and I went for coffee.  She broke her wrist the other day, so a slow amble was what we did.  We watched her boys while she and her hubby watched the Coug's game.  The herd here played bean-boozled, and spun for disgusting things like spoiled milk or coconut; lawn clippings or lime; rotten eggs or buttered popcorn.  Gag!  J made a huge production out of spitting out every bean, claiming he got a toxic one.

(12/28) I woke up early today to send C off with the grandparents again to go snowboarding.  Lucky kiddo!  I put Christmas away today, which simultaneously makes me sad, yet refreshed to get it all away.

If it fits, I sits! C edition.
(12/29) Lazy day for us.  We bummed around the house until Sarah texted asking if the boys would like to go to Elevated Sportz,  We got them a 90 minute jump time, and told them to GO PLAY!  Dad made a delicious beef stew for our return.  C had hockey this evening, and I stayed home with the twins.

(12/30) Last Friday of break. *sob* C and I are going to go see Moana later, and I don't know what else we're doing.