Saturday, February 25, 2017

Veggies with Extra Bacon!

J: Mom, I love you infinity days. If someone punch me, then I do not love them infinity days

Dad: You need three vegetables on your sandwich.
C: Does bacon count?
Dad: No, but nice try! 

J: These are love glasses!  Here, Mom! *takes them off and throws them at me*  

(2/14) Happy Valentine's Day!  Dad and I didn't coordinate, so the kiddos got double the chocolate.  Oops.  The boys all had parties at school, and came home all sugared up.  C had lacrosse practice today, and the twins ran, and ran with the other kids there.  I snuck in a run while they were all out, and met some pretty tired kiddos back at the house.

(2/15) Work day for Dad, and my day to work in the twinsies' class. We hit the gym before school, and had a fun day in class.  The kids in my room played Memory, and with play-doh.  C had a make-up hockey practice this evening, and the twinsies and I decided to hang out at home.

(2/16) Work day for Dad & me, and school for the kiddos.  C had hockey this evening, and I took the twinsies to the gym with me after I got home from work.

(2/17) I worked from home today to get a jump on traffic as soon as C got home from school. We packed up and headed to Wenatchee for a hockey tournament.  We stopped in Leavenworth to get dinner (ended up at Mongolian Grill.....cuz why not?), and got to look at the pretty lights briefly.  I love Leavenworth!  Once we got in, we got settled, and let the kiddos watch TV until late, and then we all crashed.

(2/18) Two games on tap today.  We lost our first one, and tied the second.  It's weird coming all the way out to Wenatchee to face Everett, and then Sno-King (Renton)... Dad and C went to a Wild game this evening, and I stayed with the twins.  I turned out the lights, and they were sawing logs by 7:20pm.  Guess they were tired!  C got to take his helmet and sit with his team down on the bench during the Wild's warm-up.  Pretty cool experience!

(2/19) We bummed around the hotel room today.  I took the twins out to play in the parking lot snow after we all started to go a little stir crazy.  C hit the hot tub outside in the freezing cold with his teammates, and we all met back up to go to lunch before his 3rd game.  They faced a tough team, and essentially his team just gave up and let the goals keep coming.  They lost 7-1 today.  Oma and Opa made it out for the game today, and we got to go out to dinner with them this evening.  C's team had a banquet, so while he went to that, the twins and us parentals went with the grands out to dinner.  We retired earlyish and went to sleep around 8pm since we were all beat.

(2/20) Last day of the tourney.  C's team won big today (9-0), and secured 5th place overall.  We said goodbye to Oma & Opa, and then hit Sonic for lunch on the way back home.  Yummo!

(2/21) We had an awesome day!  Nanan stayed with the twins, while C and I went up skiing/snow-boarding with Grandma & Granddad.  C has made huge progress, and went down Daisy about 5 times. He took a lesson this afternoon, and I caught up with him on my way down Hogs.  He keeps trying to convince me that I need to try snowboarding.  Maybe some day...

(2/22) I was off from work today, and the twins are still on break from school.  I took the twinadoes to the gym, and then we did a cleaning shift at the preschool.  After that, I came home and swapped out the little boys for the big one, and ran him to his appointment.  We went to the library after and stocked him back up on books.  Dad took the twins to their game tonight, and Grandma & Granddad went to watch the twins.  J chilled in goal for a bit, and D periodically got skated around by his coach again.  Hilarious!

(2/23) Work day for Dad & me, school for C, and the twins got to go play at Amanda's.  She took them to Altitude to get their jump on.  They had a great time playing with her boys, and were tiiiiiirrrrred by the time bedtime rolled around.  C had hockey this evening, and the little boys and I went to the gym after I got home from work.

(2/24) Work day for Dad and me, school for C, and the little boys went to Amanda's. Dad went up to fetch the teenager for the weekend.  We haven't seen her in so long!

(2/25) Lazyish day for us today. The twins had hockey practice this morning, and C has a game this afternoon.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Please Re-Spawn Immediately

Dad: I refer you to the sign on the second shelf down. (Sign reads: OMG I so need a glass of wine or I'm gonna sell my kids!)
Me: I don't even need wine for that.
C: Yeah, let's sell the twins!
Dad: It says kids.
C: I'm not a kid.
J: Yeah, we're too young to sell!

D: We're lost!
Me: No we're not. I go this way every day.
Me: Tell me when you're not lost anymore.
D: We're not lost. We're not lost because we're in Washington.
Me: And where were we earlier when you were lost?
D: Taking that guy home.

J: I have good news and bad news.
Me: What's the good news?
J: Dad's gonna save the world on our TV.
Me: Okay, and what's the bad news?
J: That there's gonna be something really bad.

J: The girls just ruined my day.
Me: That sounds frustrating. Did all the girls ruin your day?
J: Yeah, just all of them.
Me: I'm a girl, did I ruin your day?
J: No, you're my mom. You're part girl and part boy.
Me: Huh. Is that because I'm a mom?
J: Yep!

J: Dad, I'm making dead dog zombies deader.

D: When can we get a re-spawn point?
Me: Humans don't have re-spawn points. 
D: Are they very expensive?

J: When can we have a baby?
Me: A baby?  Why do we need another baby?
J: Because I am a big boy!
Me: Huh.

Me: Do you want to see an otter slide down a snowy hill? 
C: No. 
Me: Come here. 
C: I haven't actually seen one, so okay..

D: How bout we have a re-spawn point for Jimmy, so when he dies, he re-spawns.

C: What's your photo prompt for today?
Me: Corner...
C: I guess we could pin the twins in the corner?
Me: Or put D in time out in the corner.

D: My marshmallows are all deleted!
Me: You mean you ate them?

Me: What? 

D: The power of my farts is getting closer to my farts! 
Me: What does that even mean? 
D: That you get to fart.

D: It's called orange juice because it's orange juice. 
Me: Thank you, Captain Obvious. 
D: Don't call me that! 
Me: Well... when you say things like that..

D: J made me fall down and get a black eye on my lips!

(1/29) Chef C made us a delicious breakfast this morning. I showed him how to make French Toast, hash browns, and sausage.  Nom, nom, nom!  We had a lazy day, and capped it off by going to an afternoon Silvertips game.

(1/30) C left early this morning to go snowboarding with Granddad and Grandma.  He had a great day, and made it down Daisy twice!  Yay! I can't wait to go up with him next time!  I worked from home today, and went to the twins' conferences at lunch.  Conferences went well, and I'm excited for them to start kindy in the fall.

(1/31) Work day for Dad & me, school for C, and the little boys went to Sharon's house.  She recruited them to do her windows and says they may need to come weekly.  LOL!

(2/1) Work day for Dad and my day to work in the twins' classroom.  We had lots of fun with the water beads in class today. The twins also made some adorable flags, and counted out 50 stars each.  The twins had a hockey game tonight.  D got skated around by one of the coaches each shift. It was pretty hilarious!

(2/2) Work day for Dad & me, school for C, and the little boys went to Sharon's today. They got to go on a play date with another set of twinsies at the park.  C had hockey this afternoon, and I got to hang at home with the little guys.

(2/3) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys today.  They ran around and did errands.  They even stopped off at the doctor because Dad has been coughing up a lung for far too long.  Hope the medication helps!

(2/4) Busy, busy day for us today. The twins had hockey, and then Dad took us out to lunch. I scooted off to clean the preschool when we got done, and then I made brownies with the kiddos. C had a game this evening, and had his own fan section. Nanan, Marc, Melissa, Rob, and Dad were all there to cheer him on. C spent the night with a friend this evening, so we had an exciting evening of watching TV after the twinadoes went down.

(2/5) The littles and I bummed around, and then went to pick up C. We let the kids play until they all reached their respective limits, and it was clearly time to come on home. We're not football fans, so didn't watch the Super Bowl, though Dad got stuck viewing the pregame stuff at work. We had a guest for dinner, and a lovely chat. The twinsies and I ran her home after, and Dad and C went out to get the C-monster outfitted for lacrosse! Practice starts up soon!

(2/6) We woke up to a little snow this morning. We had about 2.5", and it snowed off and on today. School was cancelled, and it was my work from home day. The boys had a blast playing outside, and I fixed them some hot chocolate when they came in. C had hockey this evening still. The twins and I elected to stay home.

(2/7) We still had a little snow today, and schools ran 2 hours late today. We kept to our normal schedule, and I dropped the littles with snow gear at Amanda's. They were thrilled to see her and her kiddos again ~ it was really sweet. They had a blast at the park! I scooted off to work, where I helped to organize a champagne brunch for some of our long-timers. We had 5 employees with milestone anniversaries, and it was so fun to get to celebrate them today! We ordered sooooo much food, but omg was it delicious!

(2/8) Work day for Dad, and my work day in the twins' class. We went to Zumba first, and then came home for lunch before school. No hockey tonight, which was a nice breather!

(2/9) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the boys. We had another rare night off hockey, so I went to Zumba directly after work. I came home to some pretty peeved twins who were still up waiting for me to read to them. Sorrrrrry!

(2/10) Work day for me. Dad and the twins came down and took me to lunch at the "beans and chip place," which was the twinsies' top vote. Book club was cancelled for tonight, so once I finally got home (only took me 1.5 hrs...), I had a nice evening with my guys. C went to a play tonight, The Snowy Day, with Nanan at the Children's Theatre, and then stayed over night at her house.

(2/11) Hockey extravaganza today! I went for coffee with Sarah before the twinsies' practice. D spent practice lounging on the various bumpers, but J is really cruising these days! We went for lunch, and then came home for the all-important screen time. Nanan arrived with C, and Dad immediately took him down for his game in Renton. They won 8-3, and C played a good game. They went for sushi, while I cooked up some amazing corn dogs. Gag. But that's what the boys wanted! Nanan stayed for my amazing dinner, and left shortly before the bigger boys got home.

(2/12) Lazy Sunday at home for me and the boys. Once I finally managed to pry them away from screens, we rode bikes down to look at the creek. It was so beautiful out today! We ran some errands this afternoon while dinner failed to prepare itself in time. We ended up eating the sides first, and had chicken once it was done cooking. We topped a very summer-like dinner with strawberry shortcake. Yum!

(2/13) Happy Monday the 13th. It's a work from home kinda day for me.  The boys all have school, and Dad's at work as well.  Weeee.