Monday, November 23, 2015

Electric Avenue

D: Don't touch the hot, because the hot is too hot for you.

Me: Go play hockey and then you can play video games!
D: No video games on the ice, Mom.  The ice is too slippery.

D: *flicks on heater* OHHHHH!!! IT DOESN'T HAVE ELECTRICITY, MOM!!!
Repeat x 5,000,000

J: We want ice cream!
Me: You have to eat something more than Cheetos to have ice cream.
J: I eat Cheetos!
Me: I know, but you have to eat a good dinner first, in order to have ice cream.
J: Cheetos are good! I eat a good dinner!

D: Shoot, bee! Shoot!  I tell the bee to shoot!  (shoo fly!)

 (11/17) Work and school day for us. There was a big wind storm today, which first took the power out at my work, so they kicked us out early.  Dad went home early too, because he wasn't feeling well.  He happened to take the truck when he went to go pick up the kids.  The power had slowed everything down to a crawl, so he picked a different route for the way home.  Another driver decided to pull a u-turn right in front of a van, which hit him, and then shoved him into our truck.  So glad everyone's okay! We're definitely bummed about the truck, but that's what insurance is for.  Our power went out just after 6p tonight.  We had a bunch of glow sticks and flash lights, and dinner was finished, so we had a pretty quiet night together.

(11/18) No power this morning.  Harrumph.  I took the boys to McDonald's for breakfast and coffee, because the lukewarm scavenged Xmas Via from 2013 was not gonna cut it.  I should have skipped the orders of hotcakes at McD's and just ordered 6 pats of butter and some syrup. D was so keyed up today, he was running circles around the restaurant and being a holy terror. I took the boys to the park and called their pediatrician from there to set up an appointment for an hour out so they could burn off some steam first.  We've been to the doctor's office so often lately, their doc just came in and said "What happened, and what can I do?"  All the boys checked out fine.  I took them home and let them play outside with the neighborhood boys. Nerf fights do not require electricity, thankyouverymuch D. Around 4:30p, still without power, I dumped the fridge, packed the remaining food up and headed to Granddad's.  Granddad made us dinner and offered to let us stay overnight. Dad called saying we got our power back a few minutes after I had unloaded the car and put all the food in Granddad's fridge/freezer. Because of course.  I packed everybody up past the twins' bedtime, and the children collectively jumped all over the very last nerve I was struggling to hold onto. I may have thrown a pretty epic tantrum of my own. Somebody's gotta model proper parenting...

(11/19) Work day for me, and quieter day for the boys.  Dad switched out the puny rental car for a fully loaded SUV.  Very, very nice!  The boys had hockey this evening, and I had an event to go to, so I missed seeing them this evening.  Hockey went really well, and C even earned his screen time back after a successful couple of days at school/home.  Yay!

(11/20) Work from home day for me.  Love my short commute to the couch :)  Nanan came over tonight to watch the kids while we went out with some friends.  C also had hockey pictures tonight, so we dropped him on our way and he caught a ride back.  Juggling schedules, FTW!

(11/21) C had a hockey game down in Renton today.  Dad and he got an early start, and I got to wrangle the twins at their practice.  They had their pictures today, and it was a riot.  The twins can't quite skate, so they got a ride out to the picture spot, and J is on all fours for his pictures, and D is looking all suave, holding onto the goal.  Can't wait to get the pictures back!  Practice was pretty good - J used a cone to shuffle a bit.  He came off about 15 minutes early, but really had a great practice up to that point, so I just had him come sit by me.  D stayed out there the entire time.  He pushed a bumper all the way across the ice, and got up a few times.  He did a great job!  C went home with Nanan to spend the night, and Dad went in to make up some hours.  The twins and I had a quiet afternoon.

(11/22)  Lazy Sunday.  We met up with Nanan and C at the park and had a picnic.  It was a beautiful day, so we stayed for a few hours and let the boys play in the sunshine.  When we got home, the boys continued to play outside.  They were rosy cheeked and tired after their long day, so went down pretty easy.

(11/23)  Happy Monday!  Short week on tap. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and hangin' with the fam.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Doings in Strange Town

D: Mom, can I put my brrr (ice) in my applesauce?
Me: No, that would be icky.
D: UGH!!!! Mom, I'm SO STRANGE!

J: Mom, I need to cuddle you!
He then pats me on the forehead, kisses me, and says, "Mom, you're a boy."

C: I call it the Denton-behave-in-ator!

C: I told them I was having trouble breathing because I really had to fart.
Thank you, comic relief!

Me: Good morning!
D: NO!

Me: Good morning; time to wake up!
J: I can't!

(11/10) I had an appointment this morning, so the boys got to sleep in a little. Didn't help the big one's attitude any, but I certainly appreciated the extra time before I had to deal with it.

(11/11) Happy Veteran's Day! No school today, but we did have a doctor's appointment.  C has been cleared to go back to activity!  Huzzah!  He's still having some behavioral issues, which we hope are still concussion-related, but we're thrilled he can get back to good ol-fashioned playing.  We hit Frost for a celebratory donut, and then the park because OMG did the sugar hit in record time.  We played until we were popsicles and then headed on home for dinner.

(11/12) Work day for me, and Dad had the kiddos.  Traffic was all around ridiculous, and I missed my Zumba class again. Grr! C got to go back to hockey today.  It's gonna take him a while to get his legs back under him after being off for so long.  He had a pretty good practice ~ came off when he got frustrated, but regrouped and got back on.  We're keeping him at no contact for another week, and he's mad that "we're ruining the point of hockey".... but seriously, dude, we're just looking out for your safety.

(11/13) I worked from home today, and Dad wrangled the kiddos.  He had to go get C at school.  Sigh.  If this is a preview to teenage years, I'm not excited.

(11/14) Hockey day for the twins.  C didn't have ice today, but did have a lot of homework to do, so we brought that with us.  D was looking really peaked, so I was good with him just getting suited up. He did pretty enthusiastically pick his number for hockey ~ D is #10 & J is #9 on team black!  Despite a whole lot of complaining while getting dressed that he didn't want to play, D had a great practice!  He scooted all over the ice.  No progress standing, but he was out there, and was engaged the whole time.  J was a total noodle, and sat next to the door for the entire practice. He was all excited to go to hockey too, so I'm not sure what was up with that.  We were supposed to go to my niece's birthday party, but both boys are hacking, and my brother's fam has a big trip coming up.  We stayed home today and kept our germs to ourselves. We were super bummed to miss it, but also appreciated the lazy day to recoop.

(11/15) Granddad stopped by this morning with cookies and cake from my niece's party that we missed yesterday.  So I fed all the boys sugar before taking them to another birthday party to consume even more :)  Fortunately, the twins were feeling much better today.  And even though Deedles claimed he most definitely did not want to go bowling, we all had a great time!  It was fun to catch up with Kathy and her family! I still cannot believe her youngest is six.

(11/16) Work and school day for all of us.  C had hockey practice this evening, and Dad had to wrangle all the boys on his own.  D promptly crashed and had a pretty epic bloody nose, because he obviously inherited my grace. C played with more heart than we've seen in a while. Seems he missed hockey more than he wanted to admit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What the what?

J: Never eat Sloppy Joes!
D: Never ever eat a booger.
Sage advice. 

D: What the what?  What-d-what-d-what?
Rapper Deedles?  

D does not care for haircuts... and they were getting checked by the Hair Fairies at school.  

(11/3) Work and school day for us all.  Rough day for two of my three boys.  C is not a fan of his screen time being monitored, and D woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  He was a total grouch! Shew!

(11/4) Work day for Dad, and I worked in the twins' class.  D has been a little pistol lately, and their teacher commented that it will be like this from now until after Christmas.  Joy.  Combination of the sugar fog and excitement for the holidays.  Speaking of, D is ready to put up our tree now, and asks almost daily. We watched a friend's little girl today, and the twins kept giving her hugs.  It was so adorable.  They have missed her ♥

(11/5) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys.  Traffic put me home so late I even missed my Zumba class.  Womp womp.  I got home pretty much in time to put the littles to bed.

(11/6) Fun weekend on tap.  I worked from home today and then Dad went up to grab our teenager so she could spend the weekend with us.  We've missed her!   She watched the boys for us while we stepped out for the evening. We may have bribed her with wifi and chocolate.

(11/7)  We didn't have any official plans today.  Dad made us eggnog French toast, which was delicious.  After breakfast, we went out to hit HMart and Michael's for teenager necessities (candy and crafting supplies), and Starbucks because Mama necessity.  After lunch (French dips... it was a French themed day), I took the bigs to see Hotel Transylvania 2.  Very cute!

(11/8) Today we went up to Jake and Amber's house for an early Thanksgiving gathering. I can't believe my niece is walking already!  So adorable!  Our boys love their house since they have a toy room. C was a huge grump because he had lost his screen time the day before, and took a few hours to come around.  And then, of course, he didn't want to go home.  Sadly returned our teenager this evening.  So good to see her, and we're so thrilled she's doing so well!

(11/9) Work and school for us all today.  C hardly got any sleep last night, and had a rough day as a result.  Us adults did too, and he made us a present with a Lego heart in it.  Such a sweet boy!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!

D: We need to go back to the Treehouse (our house).
Me: What's at the Treehouse that you need?
D: A bed.

Cuddling up next to me....
D: Mom, I fart.

(10/27) Work and school for us all today.  I got home in time to poke my head in and say goodnight to the littles.  Tuesdays are just too busy.

(10/28) Today was filled with cute.  The littles got to wear their costumes to preschool. All the kids had such fantastic costumes; it was really fun!  After school, Nanan arrived to watch the boys. They all saved their screen time, so she just had to help the littles trade off.  She watched them while I went to C's conference.  He's doing really well this year, and is ahead in everything, particularly in math.  Proud of my guy!

(10/29) Work day for me, and Dad had the kiddos. C's glasses were finally ready for pick-up, so I grabbed them on my way home.  Hopefully this will help with the headaches he's been having. He looks so handsome!  I got home in time to put the littles to bed and have dinner while Dad and C battled it out playing Monopoly.  C got Boardwalk and Park Place and put houses up within the first couple of rounds and won pretty quickly.  

(10/30) Work day from home for me, and Dad had the kiddos.  By the time I came upstairs everyone was in a foul mood, and it was just a jolly good time chez Treehouse.  Dad went off to see a hockey game this evening, and I stayed home with the boys, and went on a Netflix binge after I got the TV to myself.

(10/31) Happy Halloween!  Fun day today!  The littles had hockey, and made some progress.  J crawled out to the bumpers and then went into the next section's goal and played goalie pretty effectively for a boy that can't stand up on his skates.  His coach got him standing briefly and then kind of scooted him back over to his section of the ice.  D sat on the ice for most of practice, but then went out to join J on the bumper.  They both got their sticks at the end of practice.  J's measures about an inch longer than D.  He's getting so tall.  After lunch, the grands came over to see the boys in their costumes and drop off some candy and the pumpkin seeds that we forgot.  We sent them home with some preschool art, as we have a plethora.  We went over to Sarah's house for pizza and trick or treating, and C got picked up by a friend's parents and taken out to a huge development to score some more loot.  Poor D was done about 3 houses in tonight and told us at a half billion times that he needed to go home.  J made out like a bandit and has a huge bucket of candy.  He would've kept going, and had to stopped from going back to the house we just stopped at.

(11/1) Lazy Sunday.  We watched Paw Patrol, Phineas & Ferb, and played playdoh pretty much all day.  D asked if I'd make dinner at 10am because he was starving.  The time change is going to take some getting used to.  The boys made it til the new 7am at least, so I felt like we all got some sleep after our late night.

(11/2) Work day for us parent types and school for the boys.  The time change is still throwing everyone for a loop.  Hopefully today will smooth out around the edges, because it's sure not starting off well.