Monday, February 8, 2016

My Eyes! The Goggles Do Nothing!

Me: Good morning!
D: There's something that hurts in my eyes.
J: It hurts my eyes too.

D: Mom, that's where you get a Toyota!
Me: Oh. And what kind of car can you get there?
D: Uhm, Chevy.
Me: What kind of truck do we drive?
J: A monster truck!
Me: What kind of car can we get there?
D: A van! (technically right since we owned a Hyundai minivan at one point)
Me: And how about there?
D: A SUV! (again right, as our rental was a GMC)
D: S says GMC.

Me: What do you want for lunch? And you can't just have chips.
D: I need a piece of cake at my grandma's that I made because that's my favorite.
Me: Cake will be for later. What do you want for lunch now?
D: Crackers. This chip is just a snack.

D: We need to share the cake, not eat it.

Me: Holy cow...
D: I want to see the cow!

Me: We're going to go to Grandma's house to celebrate her birthday.
J: about cake!
D: And we need to sing a song kinda like happy birthday!

D (hands me my glass): Mom, you just have to put wine in it.
I'm not sure how I should feel about this.  

Teacher: D, do you have a song for us?
D: Yeah, I want Beymax and Save Self!  (Immortals & Save Yourself respectively)

(2/3) Day off for me, and my workday in the twins' classroom.  J spent playtime climbing to the top of the slide and yelling BANANA!!! Why yes, we did just watch Minions. How'd you guess?

(2/4) So the truck isn't completely done and needed to go back in this morning, but the rental car agency didn't have anything that would hold the boys' car seats, so Dad had to keep the truck and it will need to go back in at some point.  Day 78, and we're still not done.  Blarg.   

(2/5) Work day from home for me, and Dad had the kiddos. The twinsies got to go to public skate with their coach today.  J had some really great moments, and D sat on the bench a lot.  We later had to replace D's beloved red boots with some new ones since he had busted a hole in them.  He's pretty proud of his new, black boots :)  Tonight was Family Night at the twins' preschool.  They were up way past their bedtime and were a bit cuckoo, but weren't alone in that regard.  

(2/6)  Hockey day for the boys today.  C's game was in town, so he didn't have to get up as early.  He still isn't a morning child, and doesn't play his best when things happen early.  J had a great practice!  He managed to skate a few feet without holding on to anything.  He's making huge progress!  D is taking more time, but this is typical.  He doesn't like to do things until he's sure, and then does them all at once.  C got to go to a friend's house tonight and they had a great time.  

(2/7) The littles and I had a mostly lazy day today and didn't really get going until afternoon.  We headed over to Grandma's house to (not) watch the Super Bowl and celebrate her birthday. I had a great time visiting with my fam and ignoring the game.  

(2/8) Busy day on tap ~ school, work, & hockey.  Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Shadow Knows

Me: What do you hear inside the shell?
D: The bed!
J: I just heard the sand.

D: YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME! *stomps off*

J: I kiss you not, because you're not grumpy.

D: Don't put egg on your bagel. That just makes tuna fish and I don't like that.

Me: I expect some GOOD behavior out of you, Mr. D.
D: I am having a 'havior!

Me: What was your favorite thing at the Reptile Zoo?
J: Mom, there just weren't any penguins.
Me: I know, buddy.  Sorry.

Guest appearance by a kiddo at preschool: 
E: I need to listen to your heart.
E: *listens intently and then considers*
E: How bout a diagnosis? You have muhaha-tosis.

(1/25) Ugh. I just love it when I go upstairs to get the boys up to find puke all over the bed.  Poor Deedles.  We (obviously) stayed home from school/work.  D got a little bit better today, only to get worse tonight.  So I called out for tomorrow too.  C turned ghostly pale and started not feeling well too tonight, so we kept him home from hockey.  Hate-hate-hate the intestinal bugs!

(1/26) D woke up feeling better today, but JJ held his stomach all morning.  J is super cuddly, especially when sick... so I'll probably be the next one down with this crud.

(1/27) All the boys made it in to school today!  We came home and watched Despicable Me again after preschool. J's new favorite. He does NOT like the "new Minions," but I have a feeling we'll be watching that one on repeat soon.

(1/28) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys.  It was so nice to be back at work, even if only for a day.  I love my children, but dang, cabin fever is not my thing.

(1/29) Work from home day for me, and Dad had the boys.  After 72 days, our truck is FINALLY back.  So, so, so thankful for the loan of a SUV from friends.  We would've been up a creek without it!  It still needs to go back in for an alignment... but we have it, and bonus: it still smells like new truck!

(1/30) Hockey day ~  C's game was down in Tacoma this morning.  They lost the first game, but Dad stopped counting goals after 10 on the second.  JJ made huge progress on the ice today!  He got stuck out in the middle of the ice, using a cone to skate, when practice ended and had to skate all the way to the door.  He was crying the whole time, and he'll tell you he had a bad skate... but he was great & he made it!  Deedles sat on the bench much of today. He made an effort, got dressed, and there were no tears, so we'll call it a win.

(1/31) Lazy day for me with my peeps.  We laid low until it was time to go to the hockey game this afternoon.  It was Star Wars night at the rink.  Fantastic costumes out and about.  And I had to laugh at the Storm Trooper that fired the first shot of the t-shirt cannon into the net, and then misfired all the rest.  Thanks to Nanan for watching the littles while we went out!

(2/1) We went on a field trip to the Reptile Zoo today with the littles' preschool.  C didn't have school today and got to tag along, and I took the day off work.  The boys had a great time ~ they got to pet an iguana, a tortoise, and hold a boa.  J was really looking forward to seeing the penguins.  I better take him to the other zoo soon :)  And I had to follow D around and make sure he didn't open any enclosures, or turn off any lights....because Deedle.  D also bought an egg, which is supposed to hatch with a "reptile" (toy) anywhere from 2-72hrs. He couldn't leave the egg alone though, so I'm worried it might not hatch... We'll see.

(2/2) Work and school for all of us. Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring.  Hooray!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Boom Boom Pow

Toy: Press three letters to make a word.
J: B....U....T
Toy: Butt! Wahoo!
Boys: (laugh uproariously)

D: I didn't make my day. It just turned into a warming of house party.

J: I'm a ninja; watch me fly!

Me: Little boys, on the way home we're gonna stop and get stuff to make a cake for Daddy's birthday.
J: Yaaaay!
D: Nooooooo! It's my birthday!

D (at a passing semi): OH DUDE C'MON!!

Littles: We want to play in outer space!
Me: What's in outer space?

J was looking over my shoulder at a video starring a very large, black man.
J: Who is that? Denton? Me? Colton?

D: Is that orange juice? Is that orange juice? Is that orange juice?
Me: No, it's pickle juice.
.... hours later
D: Mom, I need more pickle juice.

J: Where going now?
Me: Home.
J: Back to the Treehouse and eat Daddy's cake!

D: JJ, you can have English muffin OR cake. That's what you can have.

(1/12) Work day for us & school for the boys.  The boys coughed and snarfed their way through the day today, and Dad says he's starting to get sick too.  Bah!  

(1/13) Blarg.  Everyone is sick.  I kept the boys all home from school today.  We missed the field trip with the littles' preschool to the fire department... but a day in our pjs was much needed.  

(1/14) Work day for me, and the boys are home hacking.  C was able to return to school at least.  I even have the plague, and I rarely get sick.  :(  

(1/15) Work from home day for me.  My office closed early, and it was nice to have a quiet evening with the fam.  

(1/16) The boys didn't have ice today, so I caught Zumba class in the morning, and then we ran errands until it was time to go to the Tips game vs Seattle with friends to kick off Dad's bday weekend.  We won 5-1.  Boom!  Thanks to Nanan for watching the littles!  

(1/17) Lazy Sunday home with the boys while Dad worked.  We watched Despicable Me several times, and discovered it definitely works better when you put the right disc in. Whodathunk?  It's a nice change from mainlining Home... though I'm sure it will get old soon.  

Feelin' the love today.... "No Mom allowed.  NO MOMS. GO AWAY!"
(1/18) Happy birthday to Dad! He had to work, and then C had hockey, but the rest of us were on holiday.  We hit the gym in the morning and then the grocery store to get cake fixins, because logical.  The littles picked out 8 candles and a letter D for Dad for his cake. 

(1/19) Amanda and her kiddo both had the flu, so I ended up staying home with the boys.  D was a pistol today, and I was glad to drop them at preschool for a bit.  Though his teacher said he was full of ornery juice there too.  Sigh.  To conclude our night, he discovered Dad's cologne and had been in time out about 30 times.  

(1/20) The littles didn't have school today due to conferences.  Their teachers had some positive things to say about them, and what nice kids they are.  I took them out to the park and we played there until it was just too cold.  I brought them home and warmed them up with hot chocolate.  Granddad came over tonight and watched the kiddos while Dad and I went out to sushi for a belated birthday dinner.  Yum!

(1/21) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys.  He then took them to all to hockey and I attended a membership meeting for the school.  Long & busy day for sure. 

(1/22) Worked from home today while the littles thundered above my head.  I had book club with the ladies tonight and I think we can safely say that  this is the least we've ever discussed a book. LOL!

(1/23) Hockey day for the boys.  C's team trounced the opposing team in this morning's game.  The littles had an absolutely lousy practice.  But whatever, we were there and they were on the ice. The rest of the day was filled with errands and cooking, and finally I left for a party with the girls. 

(1/24) Lazy Sunday with my peeps.  They're having a campout in my living room today complete with sleeping bags. It's pretty cute.