Monday, November 28, 2016

Just Us Turkeys

J: I want to go to Trade My Joe's!
D: And go in the fridge!

D: It smells like campfire out here! And cinnamon! And cold!

Me: I don't like to be punched.
J: Normal punches don't hurt, Mom. You can just tell me if they do.

C: I wonder what kind of advent calendars we're getting this year!
Me: I dunno.  Oh wait, I do know!  I bought them.
C: Duh, Mom.

D: At preschool, JJ said he was thankful for punching me in the face. And I said I was thankful for making the turkey. Mom? Why are you laughing?

J: I have a toad-frog in my throat!

D: Guys need bless-you medicine when they are sick!

Amanda: Carlitos, who's your best friend?
D: No ask me.
Amanda: Denton, who's your best friend?
D: My brother J. I love him.
Amanda: Aww, that's sweet. Jensen, who's your best friend?
J: Umm Jamie and Colton, he's my brother.
D: But I wanted to be his best friend. J, that's not nice. I'm your brother.

D (looking at an ad for Flynn's Carpet): That's the guy from Trader Joe's!  (who also wore a Hawaiian shirt)

D: And for dinner, can we have beans so I can fart?

D: When I get very old like you, then I won't need help!

Kiddo survey:
What is your name? Denton.
How old are you? Five.
When is your birthday? A lot of days?
How old is Mommy? Uh, I don't know.
What is your favorite color? Orangey-orange
Whats your favorite food? Tornelina (tortellini) that's amarillo.
Who is your best friend? Jamie .
What's your favorite animal? Penguins are my favorite! And ferrets are my favorite ones!
What are you scared of? The stuff that's not good.
What is your favorite show? The one that's on right now. (Angry Birds)
What makes you sad? Nuffing.
What makes you happy? I like you!
Where is your favorite place to go? I think is the doctor's office! (They do have a fun play area)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Uh, I think a piggy? (Still watching Angry Birds)
What does love really mean? It means that I like you. *hug* That's so good!

Kiddo survey:
What is your name? Jensen.
How old are you? 5.
When is your birthday? Uhh, 2?
How old is mommy? Firteen?
What is your favorite color? Uhh, red, blue, and green, and orange.
What's your favorite food? Tacos! And waffles.
Who is your best friend? Jamie. I have a lot of friends at the gym!
What's your favorite animal? A cow.
What are you scared of? Someone punch me in the face.
What's your favorite show? Ninjas!
What makes you mad? Uhhh, anything.
What makes you sad? When Colton punch me in the face.
What makes you happy? Happy is happy birthday!
Where is your favorite place to go? Chuck E Cheese!
What do you want to be when you grow up? Chuck E Cheeses!
What does love mean? You know how I love you? I did that on my message.

(11/15) Meeting-filled work day for me, and school day for the boys.  I barely got home before the twins' bedtime.  Traffic suxorz!

(11/16) Work day for Dad, and my day to work in the boys' classroom. We learned about measuring things today, and got to play outside in the funshine!

(11/17) Work day for Dad, and day off for me so I could go on the twins' field trip to Trader Joe's. I ended up buying them these mini cinnamon whisks that they ran around huffing, and some adorable gingerbread turkey kits that they can make on Thanksgiving.

(11/18) Work from home day for me, and Dad had the boys.  C had school, and then spent the night with a friend.

Put our squirrel feeders up!
(11/19) Dad took the twins to practice so I could do the Cupcake 10k with Granddad & Grandma.  Grandma ran, and Granddad and I walked together.  I haven't been running at all, so my feet appreciated the slower pace.  We went to lunch at Todo Mexico and had a really lovely morning.  It was my turn to clean the preschool this weekend, so I did that, and capped off my day with lots of steps!

(11/20) Early morning game for C down in Renton.  They played hard, but ended up losing 7-9.  C shifted right back to lazy day fare as soon as we got home.  Jordan came over, and the boys Minecrafted until lunchtime.  Sarah bravely took the twins home with her to play with her youngest. I collected the littles and brought them home after lunch.  They had a great time, even if D was a little confused as to why I wasn't there.

(11/21) The twins got to go to the trampoline park today with Amanda, before she took them to school.  I had to have a conversation with D about parking lot safety this evening, and it took a weird cannibalistic turn.  D: and when he gets squished by a car, he dies, and then we can eat him! Me: Uh, no, we don't eat our people! 😂

(11/22) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the boys.  It was raining, so I bailed on running in it in favor of sitting in traffic.  I should've just gone in the rain - I probably would've gotten home at the same time.  Grumble!

(11/23) Day off for me, and my day to work in the twins' classroom.  They had their Thanksgiving feast today, and got to make mini pumpkin pies and bread with homemade butter.  After school, we collected C and then went to Grandma's to make mousse. The boys were great little helpers, and they fed us pizza.

(11/24) Happy Thanksgiving & happy birthday to Granddad!  Dad had to work this morning, so I made the boys breakfast and then hauled them to the gym.  After the gym, we lazed around for a few hours, then headed over to Granddad's. I put together the gingerbread turkey that D has been SO excited about, and once we were all done decorating, and had cleaned up, then the other two boys wanted to make theirs.  Figures.  Dinner was delicious!  Dad unfortunately started feeling ill, so he came and collected the twins, so C and I could hang out for a while. We had fun playing pool and spending time with the fam.  Love them all!

(11/25) Generally we don't care to shop on Black Friday... but we have been going back and forth on adopting a kitty for a while.  So Dad took the twinadoes out to visit the shelter, while C and I ran errands.  Jimmy is a 3 year old Siamese mix.  He hid under the bed most of the day, but is slowly getting braver.  We picked up our tree, and ended up getting another stand because the base was so large on the one we picked out.  We bought lights, and litter boxes, and coffee.  Not your traditional Black Friday fare... but necessary :)

(11/26) Day one of the Thanksgiving Tournament for C.  They won their first game 10-4, and C scored his first goal!  Dad took him to his first game, and I took him to the second (which they lost 0-3), so Dad could prepare a feast.  We had smoked turkey (which turned out awesome!) stuffing, tatoes, and Christina & DeForest came over and brought some sides and joined us.

(11/27) Day two of the tourney.  The Badgers won their first game 6-1, but sadly lost the championship game 0-6.  The refs were young, and this was the kiddos' first game on full ice with icing and offsides rules in place. The grandparents came out to watch the game, and Nanan came back with the littles and me so we could go out and do a little Christmas shopping.

(11/28) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the boys.  C took the night off hockey.  We figured four games in two days was plenty!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy November!

D: Happy November!
Amanda: Three weeks in 😂

(eating a box of Nerds): Look, I'm eating Dad!

C grumbling at D ~
C: I have to listen to you every day!  Can't I get a break?!

D: Is Amanda one of your moms?
Me: No, Nanan and Grandma are my moms.
D: And Sarah!

J: I just want to be president.
Me: You sure can be.

D: I want someone else to be president.
Me: High five.

Dad: We probably shouldn't turn on the election coverage until after the twins go to bed.
C: Why not?
Dad: Because Mom's gonna yell at the TV.
You know I'm part of the family when I coach the country & sports teams from the couch ;)

J (putting on his shoes on the other side of the closed, locked bathroom door): Is this the right way?

C: What are we having for dinner tonight?
Dad: Tacos.
D: You mean it's Taco Monday?
Dad: Yup.
D: I don't like that!
Dad: You're complaining about Taco Monday?
D: Yeah! That's just weird! I only want Taco Tuesday!

(11/1) So candy pairs well with coffee... and with breakfast... and lunch... I need an intervention!  Dad raided the Spirit of Halloween store this afternoon, and now we have new decorations for next year.  Halloween in our new house was really fun!

(11/2) Nanan came and watched the twins for me so I could go on a field trip with C.  We went to Brightwater (wastewater treatment plant).  C was in a foul mood throughout, but managed to get into the engineering portion where they had to devise a solution to rain runoff. The weather was pretty awful, and we were definitely ready to bring our soggy selves home!

(11/3) Today was just plain hard for a myriad of reasons.  We had work and school between us, and none of it went well.  I hope tomorrow is better.

(11/4) Work from home day for me, and Dad had the boys.  He took the twins out to terrorize several furniture stores looking for a new dining set. We settled on a set with a bench on one side and three matching chairs for the breakfast bar, so the kiddos no longer have to fight over the two from our old set. I had book club this evening with the ladies, and enjoyed myself.

(11/5) Sarah and I went on a lovely walk in the rain before the twins' hockey practice this morning. Grandma and Granddad stopped by after with early xmas prezzies of clothes, jammies, and winter gear.  J ran up and put his new jammies on straight away.  It was pretty cute!  We had our new dining set delivered, and then Marc came over to help us break it in with board games this evening.

(11/6) DST ended, and everyone was up early. Naturally. Sarah and her boys stopped by mid-morning while we were all still in our jammies. They asked if C could come out, and I said sure.  The twins were completely oblivious to the whole exchange, and were playing so nicely together upstairs that they had no clue he was gone until I called them for lunch.  After lunch, we headed over to Sarah's to ride bikes.  I ended up leaving C there and took the twins home so I could then head up to Nanan's to help her move some furniture.  On the way home, while running errands, I ended up running into Michael's where there was a sale on shadowboxes.  I finally got the boys' first jerseys up and framed!

D's "apparently very persony ship"
C's origami display case
(11/7) School and work day for all of us today.  C was finally cleared to get back on the ice.  He came home happy, so I am glad for him.

(11/8) Election Day started out festive.  I had lunch with a couple of co-workers, and this afternoon my office did up blue and red margaritas.  We watched the election coverage, and I stayed up far later than I probably should have... but I have tomorrow off, so...

(11/9) Work day for Dad and my work day in the twins' classroom.  We watched HRC's concession speech (sob!) and hit the gym before preschool today.  I'm really impressed with the twins' handwriting ~ they have been working really diligently on printing their names.

(11/10) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the kiddos.  C had hockey tonight, so Dad dropped the twinsies with me at the gym on the way.  I ran into Sarah while gymming, and we had a chance to gab for a bit before she had to leave.

(11/11) Happy Veterans Day!  The boys were off from school today, and I worked from home.  Dad ran out and picked up the teenager for the night.  She came with me to a parent ed class this evening, and came away from that saying she was now ready for kindergarten.  LOL!  C went with Nanan to see a production of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at the Seattle Children's Theatre.  Bet it was great!

(11/12) Busy day for us!  We took the twinsies to hockey this morning.  J has improved so much that he is now doing rotations with the group.  D is still getting a lot of one-on-one skating time with the beginner coaches, and doesn't seem to be as interested in playing as J. Luckily the rain let up after practice because we had our family pictures taken out at North Creek Park.  I'm excited to see how they came out!  After pictures, we went home for grilled cheese sammiches and soup.  I ran the teenager back, and then came home and passed out for a few hours.  C had an evening hockey game, followed by a team banquet.  Since it was so late, I stayed behind with the twinsies.  Sarah came over and we watched Bad Moms and felt that movie through and through!

(11/13) Early, and grumbly start to our day for the boys and me.  C had a full-ice practice this morning and adamantly insisted that he didn't want to go, and that I had "ruined his whole lazy day!"  I did take the boys to Frost to appease some of the grouchiness, and we ran into one of C's teammates there.  The rest of our day was pretty chill, and far less grumpy!

(11/14) Happy Monday!  It's a work and school kind of day for all of us.  C has hockey this afternoon too.