Friday, May 19, 2017

Rock On!

J is just ecstatic with his collection of
D says he's working from home.
Stinker is in *my* spot.
Aww.. Jimmy now has another name: Cloud.
C: I have another name for him: Cat with a Million Names!

We were talking about fire drills today in the car...
Me: And what if you see a fireman with a big mask on?
J: And an air tank!
Me: Do you run to them, or away from them?
D: To them! And remember your manners to get them to help.

Big plans ~
D: When I get home, I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and pet the cat!

J: Aww, I love Panda!  We have a nice daddy!  And the nice daddy is ours!

C: Vanilla Minecraft is boring!

On Scooby Snacks (bone-shaped) ~
J: I don't like to eat dog food, only human food!

J: I hate manners!
Me: If you're not polite and don't say please and thank you, I'm going to tell the waitress not to bring what you order.
J: Fine, I will use my manners..

D: I want a chip bag! I hadn't had one today, or the day behind that!

(5/9)  Work day for Dad & me, and the boys were with Amanda.  My boss is having a baby soon, and we had her shower this afternoon.  It's so fun to shop for new little ones! But at the same time, I'm so glad we're out of the baby phase!

(5/10) Day off for me, and work day for Dad.  The little boys and I hit the gym this morning, and then took lunch to the park. We got started on our Mother's Day art project and had a very fun day.

(5/11) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys. Dad was in a whole lot of pain this evening, and ended up going to the ER.  The grands intercepted the boys there, and took them out for dinner, and got them ready for bed for us. So thankful they were able to do that!

(5/12)  I took today off so I could go to Muffins with Mom with C this morning.  We ended up sitting amongst fidget-spinners galore.  C came home saying he lobbied hard for his school to allow them at all times, not just at recess.  I can totally understand why his teachers wouldn't want 25 spinners going, and said he should continue to let his live at home.  This afternoon, C went to a friend's slumber party, and Nerfed out.  The twins, Nanan, & I all went to see Fire Station 7 at the Seattle Children's Theatre.  Really cute production!

(5/13) The twins had swim lessons this morning, and we stopped by Grandma's to drop off a card and "flowers" afterward.  We had snacks and visited for a bit, then headed home.  There was a miscommunication about the lacrosse game C was headed to, and the other team was all there, while our Everett boys were still trickling in for what we thought was a later game.  C got to take a face-off in today's game!  His team ended up losing, but the grands got to come watch him play, so that was cool.

(5/14) Happy Mother's Day!  We drove up to drop "flowers" with Nanan, and she took my boys out for lunch and some park time while I worked at her house.  Dad took us out to dinner at our fave sushi restaurant this evening, and we did something we've never done today: actually brought home leftovers!

(5/15) Work day for Dad & me, and the boys were with Amanda.  I bookended my day with treadmill time, and may have let the video game machine take care of my children for a bit.  Meh, they know where to find me if they need me!

(5/16) Work day for Dad & me, and the boys were with Amanda.  They went to a costume party in the pouring rain.  You'd think it'd be a little less like winter-like now that we're halfway through May!  Mom fail: I only had shorts and t-shirts packed as their spare clothes... Whoops!  D ran around in shorts and boots, which rubbed his poor little legs raw.  He was thrilled to sport about 5 bandaids though.  Because, you know, bandaids make everything better.

(5/17) Day off for me, and work day for Dad.  C woke up feeling awful, so I kept him home from school today.  The littles and I hit the gym and picked up soup for lunch.  After lunch, I took the little monkeys out to Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary to hunt painted rocks, and to hide our own. Once we got back, it was finally time for video games.  C had an appointment this afternoon, so we switched to portable video games for the second half of screen time.

(5/18) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys.  C was barkin' and snarfin' again today, so he stayed home, and the boys all had a lazy day. When I got home from work, D was all set for me to get out the fire pit for s'mores that I promised him this weekend.  Tonight I went up with Granddad, Grandma, and my brother, to see the teenager perform in a play at her school.  It was really well done - written and directed by one of the seniors at her high school.  I loved it, and was so glad we got to go up!

(5/19) Work day for me, and Dad has the boys.  C is still under the weather, and is staying home again today.  Poor monkey.  Hope he feels better soon :(

Monday, May 8, 2017


D: Is the dogs' fur their blankie?
Me: Kind of. They don't wear clothes, so they have fur to keep them warm.
D: And fuzzy?

D: All the cars come from Washington!
Me: They do?
D: Yeah, see, they all have Washington on the sign.


D: Why did I hear 'poop' and 'pee' on the radio?
Me: They were talking about a baby, and that's pretty much all they do.
D: What if we had the Boss Baby?

D: Looks like you can't park here, Mom.
J: Or they will come and steal your car! And you'll have to pay all the monies to get it back!

Me: Be good for Grandma.
D: Okay, I won't say, "What the hell!"
Me: ...

J: Look!  I drew a person! It's a dad.
D: You have 118 minutes left, Mom. 
Playing Minecraft ~

D: I want some mustachios (pistachios) for breakfast!

J: I'm gonna tuck ya. (and then he tucked me into bed ~ so sweet!)

D: I'm gonna take these things off cuz I don't really like them. It's a sandwich of egg stem. (little pieces of fried egg stuck to his sandwich)

(4/29) Swim practice for the twins today, and a lacrosse game for C.  Swim was an absolute disaster.  J didn't get wet above the waist until the very end, and screamed every time the instructor touched him.  And D was in full-Deedle mode.  Not listening, yelling at the pool kitty, and splashing. I had a chat with them about their behavior. Hopefully next week goes much better!  After we got home, some friends of ours came out to decorate the Gambler car.  It looks amazing!  Dad & C are going to have such a good time!  

(4/30) The kiddos played video games this morning while I read my book on the treadmill (multi-tasking at its finest!). This afternoon, we went to the Reptile Zoo with the grandparents. It's such a neat place!  We capped off a fun afternoon with ice cream. J couldn't finish his, and asked me if he had eaten enough.  LOL, to get dessert?  Dear J, you don't have to finish.

(5/1) Happy Monday!  I ruined D's day early by putting the toy he wanted to bring, then said "he didn't need" back in the house.  The wrath of 5 is strong.  I worked from home today, and questioned why we had children at least a dozen times before 8am.  The rest of the day was fine, but ermahgerd, some mornings...

(5/2) Work day for Dad & me, school for C, and the boys were with Amanda.  It took Dad 45 minutes to get home today, on what is normally a 15 minute trip. A small plane went down (thankfully everyone was okay!), but it sure messed up traffic.  They ended up not making it to lacrosse, since it's right over by the crash site.  I had book club this evening with my work peeps, and made it back in time to read twinsies their stories and put them to bed.

(5/3) The boys and I hit the gym this morning, and then came home and painted rocks to hide with Amanda at the park. They turned out cute!  After C got home, and the boys were immersed in screen time, I worked out in the yard.  It was sunny and lovely outside, so C and a neighbor boy had a squirt gun fight that took us all down to the park. Sarah and her boys joined us briefly and we got to catch up since we missed our weekend coffee jaunt.

(5/4) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys today.  All three boys had dentist appointments this afternoon, and Dad took them in.  He said they pretty much assembly-lined them through. All was well, and they came home with prizes.  I watched a huge storm roll in this afternoon, and drove home watching the lightning fork above me.  Lacrosse practice was cancelled tonight for obvious reasons, and Dad declared movie night.  Sing for the boys, and Passengers for us.  So good!

(5/5) Happy Cinco de Mayo! Work day for me, and galley slave day for Dad.  He cooked up some delicious surf & turf tacos for this evening, and we had a bucket o' margaritas for the adults.  We had the gang over for dinner, and we ended up watching playoff hockey.  Crazy game!

(5/6) The twins had swim this morning, which went heaps better than last week!  I got some goggles for J afterward, so hopefully they will help him be a little bit braver about getting his "eyeballs wet." C had a lacrosse game, which his team totally bombed today.  But after that, we all met up at the house and the grands came over to take the boys to see Peter Pan.  They said the play was great, though a bit long for the twins. Dad and I went to a wedding this afternoon, and had a few hours of child-free time.

(5/7) Hooray for nice weather!  We met up with Nanan and took lunch up to the beach today.  It was a balmy 60F, but my insane boys decided to go swimming.  C built a raft out of drift wood, and floated.  Nanan and I had a lovely chat, and it was so great to soak up some sun.

 (5/8) Happy Monday!  Work day for Dad & me, school for C, and the twins are with Amanda.