Sunday, August 21, 2016


D: I hugged my tummy and it feels all cozy.  My tummy feels like love.

J: I'm beasting!
Beast mode ;)

D: I see the angle of my white blankie!
(He saw his blanket in the window)

J: I have banana hair!
(curl on top)

D: It's 100 o'clock!
(1:00 pm)


Me: I think I'll have an English muffin.
D: Mom, I like you.

D: C, there's a white jacket near you!
(Yellow jackets, teehee!)

D: I think it's time to swim in the pool and have a popsicle!
Me: Uhm, D, it's 9 in the morning.

D: We're in the blue dot!
When Dad went to Texas, I showed him where we were (blue dot), and where Dad was (red dot).

D: I like the white potato kind!
(Referring to the piƱa colada Slurpee flavor) 

J: Ready Mom? You have to open the fridge and go "AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!"

On jelly beans...
J: This one is red poison!
One exclusive bean in every kid mix ;)

(8/12) Work from home day for me, and Dad had the kiddos.  D took an epic nap because someone refused to go to sleep last night until super late.  Sigh.  Which means he'll probably be up late again night too.  Yippee!

(8/13) Dad fixed us a fancy breakfast of (leftover) steak, eggs, AND bacon!  I hauled the boys to the gym, and then took them slip 'n sliding over at Sarah's house. Gotta work off the grub somehow :)  Dad and I ran a bunch of errands, and both got our hairs cut.

(8/14) C is really in to cooking lately, and made himself breakfast this morning.  Since it was getting warm out, I took the boys to Silver Lake for a picnic lunch. We lazed away the afternoon, trying not to melt.  Dad came home, and barbecued.  C got to help with that too.  All the boys agree that he needs to be a chef.

(8/15) I took the boys to the gym this morning, and then we headed out to Flowing Lake with Sarah and her boys.  We had a lovely afternoon.  C spent the entire time in the lake.  He's become quite the fish this summer!  Sarah's older kiddo spent the night tonight, and the boys had fun.

(8/16) I hid the electronics and left the older boys a note that they couldn't play screen time until after breakfast at 8am.  C got up, made eggs for breakfast, and the boys stayed pretty quiet until I got up with the twins. We met up with Sarah for a walk, and then went to McCollum Pool for open swim.  C took and passed the swim test allowing him in the deep end, and access to the water slide.  D swam under water, and was a jumping fool.  Even J got his head wet, and was in the deep end for most of the time.

(8/17) I rented Zootopia and Angry Birds as a treat for the kids last night, complete with movie candy.  We watched Angry Birds last night, and Zootopia today.  The boys loved Angry Birds, even though it was a pretty cheesy movie.  We walked them back to the grocery store today, but that was the extent of our venturing out.

(8/18) We headed out camping this morning.  We went to Wenatchee State Park. We couldn't find C's fishing pole, so Dad went out and got him another one before we left. Once we got to the park, we walked down to the river to see if we could find a place for him to test it out.  No luck, but we did end up at the lake, and all of us but Dad headed in to cool off.  The truck said 91* when we got there, and I know the temp only climbed from there.

(8/19) We drove around this morning a bit to explore, and found an awesome & free place to camp.  We had to sign some paperwork for our house sale (more on that later), and ended up at the Plain Cafe for lunch. Quite tasty! We went back to camp for more swimming and stayed down at the lake until it was almost time for dinner.  Aside from some obnoxious neighbors late tonight, we had a fabulous trip!

(8/20) This morning we were up pretty early.  We broke camp and came home for some much needed showers.  We learned today that our house deal fell apart... our buyer got cold feet after all this time.  Grumble. We do have a back-up in place, so please everyone cross your fingers!  We went out to drown our sorrows in Slurpees, and came home to barbecue and have dinner outside tonight. Dad said he was in a state of barbecue nostalgia... using his dad's sauce recipe, and the Kamado grill.

(8/21) Work day for Dad, and lazy Sunday recouping from a week off for me & the boys.  Back to reality tomorrow.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blains, Trains, and Automobiles

Me: You get what you get...
D: And you don't take a fit! 

J: I'm trying to blains myself!  

Ask J to do anything he doesn't want to...
J: Mom?! You remember me?  I'm trying to talk to you, Mom!  MOOOOOOOM!

J: Are we there yet?
Me: Yep.  This is where we live now.
J: I don't live on the road!

D: Mom, you're past 9 years old. You're so old!  And Dad? He's old like you.

Me: Did you eat the pretzels in Mama's room?
D: Well... I didn't eat them all.  

(from Minecraft chat)
C: What the heck? You're just murdering animals!  Here, let me help!

D: We're going to get Dad at Texas! 
Me: That'd be a long drive.  We're just going to get him at the airport.  

Me: You need to put your sheet back on your bed.
C: I put that there to tell Minion (ferret) that it's time to go to sleep.
Me: The only sure-fire way to get him to sleep is to let him run.  Every night.
C: I do!  I yell at him to go to sleep, but he doesn't, and just keeps me up.
Me: Yelling at him won't do a lot of good... Remember he's deaf, and he can't hear you.
C: I know.  I sign to him, in a language he understands, so he knows it's time to sleep. 
Me: I see.

J: Are we going to pick up Jamie and Jordan?
C: No, someone even better!  [with apologies to J & J!]  Dad is coming home! My most favorite person in the world!  I get to see Dad again!

(7/30) Today was my sister's wedding.  I got my hair done early in the day, and just got to hang out all day with her, her friends, and my family.  The ceremony was *beautiful*.  I was not going to cry, but thank goodness there happened to be a napkin to save my seat... What a touching ceremony!  We stashed the kiddos at Nanan's house and got to spend the evening celebrating my sister, and being with the fam.  It was such a beautiful day, and I'm so happy for them!

(7/31) We attended the tie-dye party at the twins' preschool today, while Dad was at work. I love the new location!  It has a great outdoor space, and I'm excited to see the completed indoor space.  The big kid wasn't too excited about coming with us, but he grudgingly agreed to come.  For the taco bar, mainly.  LOL.  After a long & hot day, the kids all fell asleep on the way to dinner.  We went to the Japanese Steakhouse tonight, and my pyromaniacs were thrilled with the show!  

(8/1) Happy birthday to me!  I worked today, but certainly felt celebrated :)  Dad worked too, and the kids were with Amanda.   I went walking & talking with Sarah tonight after the littles went down.  We walked down to the Baskin & Robbins... cuz exercise and ice cream naturally go together, right? 

(8/2) Work day for Dad & me, and the boys were with Amanda. I got to celebrate my birthday with my work peeps today, since we're all in the office on Tuesdays.  The rest of today was low-key and relaxed. 

(8/3) I had the kids today, and we headed down to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium with some friends.  I've been wanting to take them to the aquarium this summer, and this zoo has both!  We had a great trip, and all three boys opted to ride the camels. C was gung-ho, J followed his lead, and seeing Jj ride the camel finally made up D's mind.  Brave boys!  

(8/4) Work day for me, and Dad had the kiddos.  He went up and grabbed the teenager today for the weekend, and made an awesome feast on our new grill!  It's been so nice to sit outside in the evenings lately.  They even had a fire in the pit tonight too.  

(8/5) Work at home day for me, and Dad was off today.  I woke up to no wifi, so had to (twist my arm!) work from Starbucks this morning.  I got off a little early so I could go on a date with my hubby for a late anniversary celebration.  We started at the Meadery, where we got to sample close to a dozen different varieties. We liked absolutely everything, and will definitely be back for the spiced mead when it comes back this fall.  From there, we went to see the new Star Trek, which I loved. Just the right amount of cheese, and I loved the nod to Takei, and the original crew.

(8/6) I took D to the gym with me this morning, and then stopped and grabbed him a sucker for having a good morning.  Jj threw a royal fit that I didn't also grab him one, so Dad took him school supply shopping and got him one too. We had planned to all go to Emerald Downs this afternoon, but Jj started clutching his stomach and acting sick.  So I stayed behind with the littles while Dad took the bigs to the Downs for an afternoon of fun.  Jj felt better after a bath, and was literally running in circles about 20 minutes after they left.  Figures.  We had a low-key afternoon, and evening, and it sounds like the bigs had a good time.  

(8/7) D and I took Dad to the airport this morning, while the teenager watched the other two. D has been challenging lately, so sometimes it's best to divide and conquer.  I really do try to do fun things with the kids, but nothing ever quite goes as ideally as I imagine it will.  I took the herd out for Slurpees this afternoon (which D promptly spilled in the store), and then to the park.  I even encouraged C to bring some cardboard to slide down the hill.  He was thrilled, until it didn't work so well, and some other kids brought an actual sled, which really out-classed his box...  He told me on the way home that every other mom he met was nicer than me.  So yay for reigning supreme meanest mum? Sigh.

(8/8) Work day for Dad & me, and Amanda had the boys.  I left a little early today, so I could grab the boys around normal pick-up time.  We had a pleasant evening tonight playing video games and watching the Olympics. The boys requested pizza tonight, and we got real fancy and had frozen ones. But mainly the grocery store trip was to secure cookie dough ice cream.  We video chatted with Dad in TX, and he hasn't combusted yet, so that's a plus :) 

(8/9) Work day for Dad and me, and the boys were with Amanda.  She kept them late for me, so I could go to my work's book club this evening.  I picked one of my favorite books for next time.  And if people don't like it, there will at least be wine!  

(8/10) We headed up to Nanan's today to make a Costco run and pick up a new couch for her.  My boys had to test out all the furniture, of course.  I told them no shoes on the couches, hoping that would keep them off... but it just inspired them to take their shoes off instead, and then to test out the couches.  C said I could leave them there to live in the furniture aisle, and was all set to stay there, until he discovered Costco samples.  We got the couch back to Nanan's, and I took the boys to the park on our way home.  They're such climbers.  C got all the way on top of the bell again, and D even made it half way up.  We then went home for dinner before heading out to grab Dad from the airport.  The boys told me every plane that they saw on the way was his. So good to have him back!  

(8/11) Work day for me, and Dad has the kiddos.  He's making noises about grilling tonight, and making a field trip to the meat store. The boys loving getting a fancy soda there :)