Monday, May 2, 2016

April Showers

All is quiet.... the littles are still in bed & I'm working downstairs
Me: *achoo*

Me: Good morning!

Me: Good morning!
D: It hurts!

So the 8 year old decided he wants to start wearing deodorant. And in 8 year old fashion, he ran around asking if his brothers wanted to smell his armpits.
C: Do you want to smell my upgraded smell?

Me: You told Dad you were gonna do your chores first thing without complaining.
C: No, I never agreed to that!

C: I was thinking we should try out a new recipe: homemade calamari! 
Me: Uhm, I think we need a deep fryer for that.
C: Does that cost very much?
Me: A bit. I also think it takes up a lot of room, so I think we'll stick with ordering it at a restaurant.

(4/22) Work day from home for me, and Dad had the boys.  We had an inspection done early today on a potential house.  It passed with flying colors.  Huzzah!  We're not posting anything official until all parties have signed off, but things are looking promising!   

(4/23) Dad and I spent most of today grumping at each other.  I had forgotten we were supposed to go to Snohomish on the Rocks this afternoon until shortly before the grandparents were due to arrive.  I cleaned up real quick, and when I turned on the vacuum, it spun really loud, and the belt snapped.  So much for cleaning!  Granddad and Grandma collected the kiddos and took them to the beach while we headed off to the distillery event.  After a few drinks, we started talking to each other again and had a really pleasant afternoon, capped off with a milkshake from EJ Burger.  

(4/24) We spent a lazy morning at home, but by lunch time, the kids were driving me bonkers!  I hauled them to the gym and met Sarah for some quality treadmill time.  

(4/25) Work and school day.  Dad has been dealing with some really gnarly vertigo from a medication that he's going off of... I met him at hockey so he could go home and sleep.  The littles are doing AWESOME!  J skated almost the whole time, and started to figure it out.  D told me today he doesn't like hockey because he's not good at it. I hear that... but the only way to get better is to practice.  They did much better when I went upstairs and watched them from above.  In other news, it's official!  We're going to be moving in June!  We're so excited!

(4/26) Work and school day for us all.  The boys got to go tour the house after Dad got off work.  They were very excited about the crystals out back (there's some aquarium glass in the rocks outside).  Nanan joined them for the tour, and then took C out shopping so they could have some time together.  

(4/27) Thank goodness we stayed home today.  We had a company out to pressure wash the driveway and our house to get it all cleaned up.  They used a spigot out back that we haven't ever used because it doesn't have a handle to turn. Turns out that pipe had broken during a freeze at one point, so half the water came pouring inside our basement through the wall. FUN! Dad ended up coming home early to help deal with the mess, and we found a plumber that could come right out and take care of it.  I went through all the towels in the house before switching to the shop vac to finish the job.  Once we got the water cleaned up, I took the twins to their school for their conference.  They're doing so awesome this year! Tonight was the membership meeting for the school, so I ended up back at the school. Today was not my favorite.  Not by a long shot.

(4/28) Work day for me, school for C, and Dad had the little boys.  I forgot some paperwork at home, so Dad brought it to me and took us all out to lunch. C had hockey practice this evening, and I stayed home with the littles. This week has been exhausting, and I was glad for some down time. 

Back of J's family
(4/29) Work day from home for me, school for C, and Dad was off with the littles.  They braved Home Depot and picked up paint for the new house.  The boys all picked out vibrant colors for their new rooms.  And though I don't love the painting process, I know it'll look great when we're done!

(4/30) Went to Zumba this morning, and then walked with Sarah out to the new house, and checked out the trails behind.  Then we headed over to where Sarah will hopefully be living to scope it out as well.  Beautiful day!   I did a bunch of yard work this afternoon and tamed the ivy again.  I'm looking forward to not having to deal with ivy at our new place!

(5/1) Lazy Sunday. The boys and I hung out in our jammies most of the morning, and then they played on their bikes while I did some yard work, and cleaned the garage.  Dad took C to a stick & puck session after work, and the littles and I stayed home for baths and an earlyish bedtime.   

Back off, Monday!  I have coffee!
(5/2) Happy Monday! Work, school, and hockey today. Busy-busy!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Let the Drummer Kick That

Yelled at full volume while stomping up the stairs:

Me: You're being kind of a pill today today.
C: Yeah, you're being a pill.
D: No, I'm a big apple.
Me: are you still a big apple?
D: No, I'm a big pear.

Me: I'm going to go look at new Treehouses.
C: Make sure you test the carpet!
Which means to roll around on it. I'm sure that will go over well ;)

Dad: Hey kids, we bought a house and we're going out to dinner to celebrate!
Kids: YAY! SUSHI!!!

Me: Are you guys going to call the next house the Treehouse?
J: No, the Jungle House!  
D: The Red Treehouse!  YAAAAAY!

C: Do you want to try this one?  It's spicy!
J: Yes!
C: He's definitely my kid.
Me: Uhm....

Disclaimer: I usually write these when I'm in a good place, or so wildly sleep deprived that things are hilarious.  I'm neither today.  So, tray tables up, rose-colored glasses on, and let's proceed...

(4/8) Dad and the boys had a great time camping.  They headed out to Turlo, and happened to pull in just as another gent was pulling out. The campground was otherwise full, so they waited around and were able to take the other man's spot.  The camper wintered well, and other than losing a boot to the river, there were no other casualties. I worked in the office today, and the teenager was dropped off shortly after I got home.  She tried on her costume for the con and discovered it didn't fit, so we hit Value Village, and then went for sushi.  She tried all the sushi we ordered and was pretty proud of herself :)   Then we came home and marathoned American Horror Story.

(4/9) The teen was still snoozing when I snuck out for zumba.  When I got home, the boys had returned.  So we unpacked and then went house hunting.  We found one we absolutely loved so decided to put in an offer.

(4/10) Comicon today!  I was supposed to be running a 10k this morning, but just couldn't figure out how to make everything work.... so ditched the run.  The sitter arrived, the teen did my makeup, and off we went to Seattle.  We ended up parking about a half mile away, which was fine on the way in.... not so much on the way back for the poor kiddo in high-heeled boots!  We had a great time, and I'm already looking forward to going again next year.

(4/11) Today... was the Mondayest Monday that has ever Mondayed.  It started with a miscommunication that had all of us in a frenzy; powering through that and mustering up enough tact to deal with an issue at work; then finding out we had lost out on the house above; followed up by the twins doing nothing but ice angels at hockey.

(4/12) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the boys.  Dad went out house-hunting as soon as I got home and drove alllllll over.  Found a good possibility.  Fingers crossed.

 (4/13) The twins got to make light sabers today at school.  D initially refused until he figured out he could have an orange one ~ which was just close enough to the color of J's, but still different.  They had a blast battling each other all over the house.  We put an offer in for yesterday's possibility, and the seller went another way.  This market is crazy.

(4/14) Dad had the kids and drove out to look at more houses while I was at work.  He even snuck one more showing in while C was at hockey and fell in love.  Only on the market for 1.5 days, so fingers crossed again!!  

(4/15) I worked at home today, and by the end of the evening we had signed papers on a beautiful split level.  Super excited, we took the kiddos out for sushi, and then drove by to let them see. Inspection is lined up for Monday.  So hooray!

(4/16) Today, since Dad was home and we weren't aggressively house-hunting, I worked up at Nanan's for a few hours.  We had a fun time and got to chat while we worked.  When I got home, Dad was clearing out the shed, and then made a dump run.  Apparently, the dump was the place to be today.  Who knew!

(4/17) Dear Sunday, you're not my favorite either.  The kids whined alllll morning to go outside, and then after about 20 minutes wanted to come back in.  I broke the clippers while pruning the fruit tree, then ran over a dog toy and broke the lawn mower, and then with the kid whining? Ugh with extra ugh sauce.

(4/18) Today was the inspection for the house.  A whole lot of bad news was turned up that had us seeing big $$$$$ to fix.  We're heartbroken.  I went to work in a daze.  I went out house-hunting later with our realtor while the boys were at hockey.  Didn't really find anything worth it... so we're back to the drawing board again.  Dad says the boys did nothing but make ice angels again on the ice tonight.  We're all having a day, I guess.

(4/19) Officially killed the deal on the house.  Dad went out looking at more properties this evening.  He really liked one house, so I went out and looked at it too.  It's really cute, and has disco track lighting, which I won't let Dad remove.  Hee!  So here's hoping.....again.

(4/20) D's Special Day was today.  All the kids get to have a day where they're recognized ~ kind of like their bdays, but since not all kids have birthdays during the school year, they do special days instead.  D had a hard time understanding it was just his day, and not shared with his brother.  Their teacher lets each student pick out a book, which D asked for it to be inscribed to J too.  So sweet <3

(4/21)  Waiting to hear back on this last house.  Gee, isn't this fun!  Work day for me and Dad has the kiddos.  

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Foolin'!

J: Don't run out of gas, Mom! It's pointing at the zero. Don't run out of gas!
D: We have plenty of gas, JJ.
One child is like his father, one is like his mother.

Erm, C just muttered "I shall avenge the fallen" at his game.

Me: D, you need to put your listening ears on.
D: My ears are like this *covers ears*.

Watching the Grand Prix of Bahrain

D: Which car are you in, C?

D: Oh no! Something is happening!

D: Can we play screen time?
Me: We'll see.
D: Mom, I miss you a lot of times.
Me: *laughs* Love you too, D.
D: Did you miss me?
Me: Always.
J: I didn't miss you.
Me: Love you too, J.

D: Daddy said we could have candy!
Me: You did.
D: And Daddy said they were chewy cucumbers that are chocolate.
Me: I think he called them Kit Kats, but you can call them what you want.

D: MOOOOOOOM!!! I missed you so so SO late!
Me: I'm sorry I got home so late.
J: I didn't miss you.
Me: Way to keep it real, J.

Girl: What's your name?
Me: Megan.
J: No, she's just Jensen's mama!

Oooh boy... it's been a while.  Let's see how good my memory is.

(3/22) Work day for Dad & me.  I worked from home today, and really made good use of the time the kids were in school...because ohmygoodness. Work at home moms are my heroes.  

(3/23) Work day for Dad & I had the kiddos.  Took the twinsies to class today and they got to do their hop-a-thon to raise money for the school.  I didn't realize J was so adept at hopping on one foot.  D didn't want to, so J hopped twice.  And then they all got to hunt for eggs. 

(3/24) Work day for me.  It's so weird being in the office and actually being able to hear myself think!  Dad had the kiddos, and C had a short day at school, and then a dentist appointment.  I had a meet and greet with my volleyball team, followed by practice.  My arms are gonna be so bruised tomorrow... Yikes.  But it was a blast!  

(3/25) Work day for me, and Dad had the kiddos.  After I got home today, Dad and C went to a Tips playoff game.  We won 3-0 :)

(3/26) I went to Zumba this morning by myself, and then ran up to get the teenager.  She stayed with us this weekend, and even watched the kiddos so Dad and I could have dinner by ourselves!  We ordered Comic-Con costumes and are excited to go next month!  

(3/27) Hoppy Easter!  Dad had to work, but the kids and I were out the door early, before the bunny had quite finished at Granddad's. I managed to corral the kids until Nanan arrived, and then turned them loose.  They all had a great time and were on such a sugar high all morning.  I brought them all back home when they crashed and we all hung out in a daze until it was time to run the teenager home. 

(3/28) Work day for Dad and me.  I am working from home again part of this week.  Thank goodness for some uninterrupted work time while the kids are all in school!

(3/29) Work day for Dad and me, and school for the kiddos. We had our realtor over tonight to go over comps. Hopefully we can get to the actual hunting part soon! 

(3/30) Spicy (deviled) eggs for breakfast? Why not! Gotta use up all those Easter eggs.  I took the twins to preschool and then we came home for lunch.  C came home shortly after that, as they have conferences this week.  We went to his, and it was a kid-led conference.  He mainly wanted to show me his Lego building program.  He's doing great in class ~ strong in reading and math, and doesn't care much for writing.  I have a sneaking suspicion he'll change his mind on that last thing in time.  

(3/31) Work day for me, and Dad had the kiddos.  I had volleyball after work, and then went out with my team.  They're all really fun!  

(4/1) Work day for me, and Dad had the boys.  C was off early from school today, and planned a sleepover party with a bunch of friends. I had book club tonight, so left Dad in with a wild pack of video-gaming boys.  They were all really good, and I think they all had a fun time.    

 (4/2) One kiddo had to leave early this morning, so Dad got up with him and got him out the door.  Then I wrangled the masses into the car and took them all to the gym to meet the other kiddo's mom and go to Zumba.  After Zumba, Dad took C out birthday shopping for another party that he would be going to this afternoon.  Kid has a busier social schedule than I do!

(4/3) Pretty lazy day today.  The boys watched the Grand Prix, and then C went out to fly drones with the neighbor kid.  Then we got the bikes out to enjoy this beautiful day.

(4/4) Spring break time for the kiddos, which will make working from home extra fun for me!  Sarah invited C over to hang with them, so I had one less kiddo to wrangle.  Thank you!!! 

(4/5) Work day from home for me. I managed to keep the twins mostly distracted until C got home this afternoon.  We'll call it a win. Poor Dad was in appointment hell and had a cruddy day, but at least the day seemed to resolve okay.

(4/6) No preschool = Zumba time!  We met Sarah and her kids at the gym, then followed it up with coffee, which us moms enjoyed at the park while the kiddos played. We packed up shortly before noon and went up to Camano to take Nanan out to the beach for her birthday. It was beautiful out, and we had a lovely picnic. Capped off the night with a family movie.  J was so tired that he asked me to put him to bed before the movie was over.  Silly buddy.

(4/7) Work day for me, and Dad has the boys.  They're getting ready to go camping tomorrow.  Wish I could join them.